1. Tenida

    Asus Zenfone 2 review

    I got the phone from flipkart after waiting for long time. Asus created so much of hype about the phone so after it listed on the flipkart its gets out of stock. Asus Zenfone 2 comes with phone, charger and usb cable and its so unusual that earphone are not included as the price is not that...
  2. B

    Display Issue Please Advise

    While using my system i am seeing that the display in my Monitor is going off for a few seconds and then again turning on. This phenomenon is being repeated for a gap of 1 or 2 hours while using my system.I am using a Dell S2240L monitor and has already called the DELL Customer Care for monitor...
  3. V

    Seasonic S12II 520W, NO backup on APC UPS

    Hi everyone For past few days I face an issue with my APC 1100 VA UPS backup i.e when the mains AC power goes off the UPS doesn't give any backup and directly goes OFF giving a long beep. Earlier I thought its a UPS issue so to cross check, I got a friends Numeric 1KVA UPS but here also I...
  4. Xai

    SMS Issue: Nexus 4 Android 5 Vodafone

    Hello All, I recently updated Nexus 4 to Android 5.0 (and currently Android 5.1). After the update, I am no longer able to send SMS, but am able to receive SMS from others. Factory reset did not solve the issue. Updated the SMSC number, but that also did not solve the issue. Upgraded to...
  5. M

    Server unreachable/ DNS server unavailable on some devices

    I connect to the internet through a Netgear router and have Airtel Broadband at home. All mobiles, tabs, laptops and 1 desktop at home of the entire family connect to the internet through the wifi system. However, I have been facing a strange issue for the last few days - everything was...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    Vietnam made Galaxy S4 i9500 Deep Black, really worth it @18,000 ??

    Firstly, i would like to hear from actual S4 users or people who personally know S4 users Secondly, are there proper custom ROMs like CM11/12 on this phone. Working fully 100% no crash no fail Thirdly, is there any phone which can compare to it in camera department, under Rs20k . I see...
  7. S

    [Query] Apple Care: Ipad Air 2 screen issues and hopeless service

    I purchased an Apple iPad Air 2@128gb,celluler from Apple premium reseller at Indore. Now, after using it for a week(I used it mostly for document editing, emails and notes/appointment management), I noticed a slight dark band(considerably reduced brightness) on the left edge of screen, which I...
  8. nac

    Broadband gets disconnected

    My connection is getting disconnected every now and then. I don't know what's the problem. I contacted ISP (BSNL) and they came and checked the telephone line and said things are fine and re-wired to make sure that there is no lose contacts. I have been facing this issue for the past 10 days or...
  9. samudragupta

    sd card unmounted/removed unexpectedly!

    Hi friends, i know this has been posted before, but mine is a bit wierd problem.... Im using 64gb class 10 sandisk sd card. So after updating to lollipop i have been getting these errors frequently and i have to restart the handset to fix it temporarily. I had this issue on kitkat as well...
  10. ParaXite

    Need help! HP dv6 6165tx / 6770m users

    Hey guys! I notice really some micro stuttering in games while moving/scrolling. My framerate in games like LoL is a steady 60 with vsync (or with 3rd party frame limiters like RTSS etc.) but scrolling is jerky. Games like Diablo 3 are unplayable due to the jerkiness even though the frame rate...
  11. setanjan123

    Weird hard drive issue

    Guys I recently upgraded my rig. As you can see in my signature I am running a caviar green and a Seagate 160gb hard drive. Now the issue is when I first boot my pc all the drives are visible in my computer. After using for some time the drives belonging to the Seagate hdd just disappear. The...
  12. M

    windows 7 ultimate issue or hardware problem

    My toshiba satellite c50 model laptop freezes/hangs for the past one month.when press ctrl,alt,delete once,the freeze/hang issue solved temporarily. I had formatted the c drive and reinstalled windows 7 ultimate.still same problem,even before installing drivers. installed licensed version...
  13. ico

    nVidia cards don't display full RGB colour in HDMI?

    Very very old issue. Since the beginning of time. Still not fixed. Fix is here: Nvidia cards don't display full RGB color via HDMI - here's a fix - PC Gamer Dunno what to do in Linux.
  14. patkim

    IP Assignment issue - Router & VPN DHCP

    Recently I setup Softether VPN server on my home desktop PC. While it’s all works small issue comes up once a while. The desktop PC is wired to my router. Both router and the VPN server have been set to allocate DHCP IP for respective clients. IP reservation is enabled in router as...
  15. F

    PC doesnt wakeup

    Hi, I am currently facing an Issue with my PC When It goes to Sleep it doesnt wake up somtimes (Basically hangs in sleep, numlock light doesnt change) and even after pressing the reset (or holding the shudown and then starting) the pc fans and stuff start running but the PC doesnt Boot I...
  16. E

    Irritating ads on common words in some browsers

    Dear Experts, These days, on browsers like Firefox with FlashGot, I see unwanted ads/hyperlinks even on common words (not intended hyperlinks). My FF has ABP plugin too. On many other systems (used by others), I see this issue. But on a new browser installed with no plugins, I don't see this...
  17. Raaabo

    Digit DVD - software app video or game demands 2015

    Post all demands for the stuff you want included in the DVDs that come with Digit here. This is the 2015 thread because December issue has already been closed. Demands will appear in Jan 2015 issue or later.
  18. rhitwick

    Help me with my WiFi router

    Hi guys I'm having a weird problem with my WiFI router. Let me provide you the technical details first, I'll state the problem later. I'm using cable broadband provided bt SITI cable. Plan is 1mbps UL I was using it with my PC till now without any issue. Recently bought a wifi router...
  19. mayank_agarwal

    Abnormal WiFi problem!! Help needed ASAP!!

    Hello guys!! I am facing some weird issue with WiFi. I have a Samsung NP-RV518-S01IN Laptop having a Broadcom WiFi. The issue is: My laptop is able to connect to my PG's WiFi but the connection shown is Limited (meaning no Internet Connectivity) even though the WiFi modem is working and my...
  20. ithehappy

    I think I need a mouse again! Any Zowie users here?

    Hey guys after my G9 aged out I bought a Roccat Kone Pure (laser) thinking that it won't have the double click issue like the G9 and all, and initially was pretty happy too, but now in the middle of rainy season and due to high humidity the left switch has started double clicking, just like the...
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