Help me with my WiFi router


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Hi guys I'm having a weird problem with my WiFI router.

Let me provide you the technical details first, I'll state the problem later.

I'm using cable broadband provided bt SITI cable.
Plan is 1mbps UL

I was using it with my PC till now without any issue. Recently bought a wifi router "TP-LINK TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router"

I'm connecting my PC by wire with this router and using WiFI to connect my mobiles and TV

Configured it without any issue. First few days it worked as it should, then the problem started.

>It fails to connect to PC. The green light for the port where the lan cable is connected, doesn't come 'on' always. I've to switch the router on/off several times to fix it.
>After a successful connection, the d/l speed in PC is terrible. I hardly get 10-12Kbps whereas speed in mobile is quite good!
>It fails to connect to internet at random times.

To sort out the issue I had plugged in the wire directly in my PC and found the speed back to normal...

Well, this first time I'm using a WiFI router so 'm not sure if its a faulty router or some issues with its configuration at my end.

b/w If you guys can recommend a good router in a budget of 3000/- it'll be good.


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Some pointers for troubleshooting based on my limited knowledge!

try connecting the LAN cable from pc to router to another LAN port on router and check.
replace that cable and see if there is any improvement
do a factory reset on router and set up again
temporarily disable wifi on router and see if there is any change in speed on wired pc
If any latest firmware is available for your router update and check.


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When pc is having problems do other mobile devices also have some issues at the same time,if not then you can rule out at least wifi part of router as source of problem.Also try with a new lan cable(cost only ~Rs.20-30).
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