1. L

    Downloads stopping midway

    Hi, I am facing this issue with my downloads. I had IDM installed on PC but it was not very much helpful.I uninstalled it and restarted my PC. After restarting, I found when ever I try to download any video or songs, it downloads a bit and then says it has finished downloading but its only a...
  2. R

    PC restart problem

    I have a laptop HP Compaq v6316tu series laptop which is 5 years old. This laptop got an issue. It got restart automatically after sometime. Where the issue may be in it?
  3. quan chi

    Irritating display issue.

    Hi all. All of this started when i had opened the system to apply a new layer of thermal paste to the cpu as it was getting too hot. Kindly read the post completely. Well i am facing a strange irritating issue from the past few days.sometimes whenever i switch on my system the system starts...
  4. T

    New Lenovo G570 overheating and hang issues

    I've got a new Lenovo G570 a couple of months back. And it heats up quite fast The CPU reaches 70 C. Also, if I leave it unattended for a few minutes, it hangs and even Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work. What might be the issue? Please let me know, if you guys need any logs or such stuff.
  5. saz

    Internet Speed too slow after fresh windows 7 ultimate 32bit install

    Hi everyone, I am facing a major drop in internet speed after I freshly installed Windows 7 ultimate 32bit on my system. Earlier I was using Win 7 Home 64bit edition and used to get speeds like 1.80mbps, but after I did a fresh install the speeds dropped to 0.40mbps. I have followed most of...
  6. Ricky

    Laptop new 500GB hdd randomly disappears (its Disastrous)

    Hi, I have 2 years old laptop, acer 4530, yesterday its 160GB stock hard disk finally died (was giving sign from long), I replaced with 500GB WD500BPVT and issues started.. Now original hdd is useless, but somehow I was able to make its image so I have all my data and its not issue... but...
  7. A

    Dual Core Vs Quad Core Mobile Socs?

    I discussed about this issue of multicore CPU performance in case of desktop few months ago. Never expected this issue will come up with mobile phones so quickly. forget about multicore Socs, Untill recently i never thought people would buy phones considering what processor, RAM, GPU it...
  8. buddyram

    3.5mm speaker ports not working

    I am unable to listen to the audio thru my headphones from the speakers ports which is placed in the front side of the cabinet. The speakers ports(Green colour) in the front side of the cabinet isn't working. I wanna know is this a configuration issue, if so solution plz!, or else is this a...
  9. W

    Support for Geforce 8600GT?

    Friends, Had bought an XFX Geforce 8600 GT in 2008. Was running fine untill recently till 4 mnths ago when My mobo got bricked. When mobo was repaired and everything seemed to run fine, my card was getting insanely hot which caused my system hang many a time. When I remove, it was fine...
  10. samudragupta

    mtnl disconnection issues

    hi friends i have been facing frequent disconnection issue ever since i have changed my price plan with mtnl. earlier i had night unlimited plan and then i changed to express combo 1000 and since then in the day i get disconnected every 15-20 mins and after 10pm every 2-5 mins. i have got the...
  11. K

    No Audio Output Device is installed

    Hi All, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit. Last few days I am getting I am getting rec cross on the audio icon, If I take my mouse on that icon, I get the following message. "No Audio Output Device is installed". I have tried everything, updating the driver, uninstalling &...
  12. ParaXite

    Need a performance laptop

    Hello guys! I've been reading discussions on these forums from quite a few days and decided to register. I've decided to buy a laptop soon and I would like some help. I've already done my research but would like your opinion and word on it. My requirements: - A Complete desktop...
  13. K

    [SOLVED] Battlefield 3 Lagging...

    Hey guys From 2 days i am suffering from a serious issue. before i was having no issue with BF3, but from the last two days i am getting too much lags and my game becomes too much messed up. the problem started after my computer shutted down when there was an sudden cut of power and my UPS was...
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