Abnormal WiFi problem!! Help needed ASAP!!


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Hello guys!!
I am facing some weird issue with WiFi.

I have a Samsung NP-RV518-S01IN Laptop having a Broadcom WiFi.
The issue is: My laptop is able to connect to my PG's WiFi but the connection shown is Limited (meaning no Internet Connectivity) even though the WiFi modem is working and my other room-mates are able to connect their laptops and mobiles to that WiFi and use Internet without any issue. Even I am able to properly surf Internet on my mobile using that WiFi but not my Laptop.
Now the issue gets weird. My laptop is able to connect to every other WiFi AP and surf internet except my PG's WiFi.

I've tried formatting my laptop, un-installing and re-installing the WiFi driver, tried switching off and on my WiFi modem but nothing could fix it.

Now, everyday I need to connect my mobile to my computer, turn on USB tethering and use Internet.

Plz help me ASAP.. :(


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you can try assigning a static ip and check for net connectivity ?

the broadband router in your pg might could have assigned all its ip in its pool to other machines.
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