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IP Assignment issue - Router & VPN DHCP


Cyborg Agent
Recently I setup Softether VPN server on my home desktop PC. While it’s all works fine..one small issue comes up once a while.

The desktop PC is wired to my router. Both router and the VPN server have been set to allocate DHCP IP for respective clients. IP reservation is enabled in router as well. Router DHCP range thru 20 and VPN thru 20.

The issue is… randomly once in a while a client connecting to router over WiFi (say my laptop) gets assigned IP that is actually from VPN DHCP rather than router’s reserved DHCP IP. The network properties on laptop show that it's connected to router's SSID but assigned IP is coming from VPN!

The only way to solve this (but purpose defeated) so far is to stop the VPN Service on desktop and reconnect laptop to router. What could be the reason for IP from VPN Server getting assigned to a device that’s simply connecting to router and when still no VPN connection is established yet.
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