PC doesnt wakeup



I am currently facing an Issue with my PC
When It goes to Sleep it doesnt wake up somtimes (Basically hangs in sleep, numlock light doesnt change) and even after pressing the reset (or holding the shudown and then starting) the pc fans and stuff start running but the PC doesnt Boot
I have to switch it off from the Main (spike guard etc) and w8 for few secs and then restart the pc

Soo far I have tried
- Reinstalling Windows 8
- reinstallin the Ram
- Reconnecting power cables, graphic card etc

But this thing still happens somtimes

Any1 else faced any simillar issue or know what my problem is??


Don't put pc in sleep mode. Change power saving option in control panel.
It takes time, because as per predefined settings. I will recommend to turn off all this sleep mode. Turn of hard disk and turn of monitor settings are available there in power saving option in control panel.
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