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  1. K

    Cheap and best scanner?

    Hi Guys, I am going to buy a SCANNER for a DTP Centre shortly. It may be for heavy use like scanning books and the like. My budget is Rs.4000/-. What is the best scanner for the price?
  2. nikufellow

    Need help budget laptop

    *Budget : Max 37k (can't extent even a bit more) *size and weight 14" or 15" *Brand No preference *primary use Browsing, watching movies, light programming, and would like to play some modern games if possible at decent frame rates *screen type Don't know *Anything else? Confused between...
  3. RBX

    Nutrition during exams

    I tend to skip meals during exams to avoid getting sleepy and by the end of exams turn into my highschool self. Are there foods that I can eat that can give proper nutrition and aren't too heavy ?
  4. X

    Should I sell my Xperia P for Galaxy Grand

    Hi Guyz . I currently own a Xperia P . I bought it back a month or a two . But lately , this Galaxy Grand has caught my eye . Actually , i'm a heavy user . My Xperia P does perform tasks elegantly . But the matter that has led me to this stage is it's battery . 1305 mAh won't suffice me , as it...
  5. M

    new external hard drive (portable ) for laptop

    i have hp dv6 laptop.its hard drive isnt working fine .it shows it has bad sectors.i tries every repair solution but could not get it fixed.so i am planning to buy a new portable hard drive.i want to know which drive is best for the purpose ,.the drive should be heavy duty becoz i will install...
  6. M

    Lumia 920 Review

    Lumia 920 Review: Just Too Damn Heavy
  7. J

    I need to buy an android smartphone under ~18k urgently

    Please suggest a smartphone under 18k range 1-2k increse is acceptable It must have a good battery life and I am a heavy gamer and will play lots and lots of high spec games And i am a heavy music fan and need i am looking at htc one v, xolo x900, xperia P or U But i would look at all...
  8. U

    Need IEM with Mic around 2,.5K

    I want to purchase a new set of IEM to replace my lost Skullcandy 50 50. The budget is around Rs 2,500 . I listen mainly to heavy metal . please suggest me a good IEM.
  9. D

    Which is best psu [smps] ?

    Hey guys i want a new psu branded for my pc.i have chose 2 psu from flipkart soo suggest me which one is better for me because i have already burnt psu of (ADCOM) 600w but i don't know why it burnt i think due to my heavy graphic card.:-( my pc specification :- Motherboard :- Asus M4N68T-M...
  10. GhorMaanas

    Denon AH-D1100 Headphones

    1. Product on sale: Denon AH-D1100 Headphones 2. Price: 7000/- shipped. 3. Reason for sale: lying unused. 4. Product condition: 9.8/10. used for less than even 10 hrs. 5. Invoice: Available. 6. Warranty: Yes (~2 months) 7. Location of product/seller: Thane 8. Shipping Charge: N.A. 9...
  11. S

    Confused about moving from Desktop to Laptop. Help needed!

    Hi all!:-) I'm very new to thinkdigit Forum. But I've been following this forum for quite a long time and now I'm a great fan of you all! Here's a some background (some jibber-jabber, embedded in SPOILER tag. You may skip this just in case you want only the questionnnaire part. But I'll be...
  12. S

    Motorola Defy Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

    Hello friends, Planning to buy a mobile below INR 15000, Got confused between these two, Please suggest me which one is better if you are using any one of them. This is for India. I never used any moto phones so a little confused for defy plus but i like it's features. Any other phone will...
  13. R

    mobile under 15k-20k

    the budget is strict. should be touchscreen i'll use it for ; calls, messaging(casual,not heavy) , internet(facebook,youtube,google) ,music(as an alternative to ipod),wifi... also whats the best place to buy among delhi,hyderabad,mumbai.8-)
  14. K


    Help me choose which laptop is better for gaming and heavy usage of photoshop,Maya,visual studio etc
  15. B

    Laptop for my sister - Homemaker/Blogger

    Hi, Please suggest a Laptop for my sister. She is a homemaker and will be doing some blogging/writing (Personal, hopefully it grows professional!). Budget - Between 20 - 30K Primary usage - As mentioned : moderate Surfing, Blogging, MS office/PPT etc (She does some business as...
  16. M

    Corsair Force 3 or Force GT

    Hi Guys will the Force 3 is better for regular computing. I dont want to move heavy files frequently Just wanted to boost the PC usage on heavy applications.
  17. windchimes

    Need suggestions on two laptops one for 35k,the other under 30k.

    Hi Digitians, I am looking to buy 2 laptops.One for myself and the other one for my elder sister. Case 1: For myself Budget : Around 35k Usage : Document works, Image editing, using Internet, Watching movies, listening songs etc Priorities: Good battery life, Good display,Good...
  18. A

    CPU IN Rs20,000

    Hey can anyone suggest me a CPU configuration mainly for gaming & heavy graphical work. Budget is Rs20,000
  19. A

    Cpu in 20000

    HEY!! Can anyone me suggest a CPU configuration for gaming as well as for heavy graphical works..my budget is Rs20000.:lol:
  20. P

    Need help to choose mid tower chassis with usb 3.0

    I need advise on a mid tower case for my pc with excellent ventilation and which supports usb 3.0. It would be used for heavy gaming. my gpu is 6950. budget max -- 3.5k
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