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  1. Plasma_Snake

    Heavy duty Dot Matrix

    Need a good Heavy Duty Dot Matrix printer which will be operated for at least 12 hrs a day,everyday. Current one "was" Epson, who's printing head went kaput. Should fast and efficient and easy spare and repair available in Chandigarh area.
  2. sandeepkochhar

    N91 8GB Is it available??

    I am interested in N91 8 GB model...But it seems to be a rarity in Delhi market...Why so?....Is it good or some serious issues are there with this phone...I like to use heavy phones...So weight is no problem for me...Mobiles I am using imate PDAL and Motorola E398 are no lightweights...
  3. C


    Need a software for school work.. It shld give me heavy english words for simple english words.. For example.. If I type danger (simple word) it shld give me jeopardy which means danger only but is heavy english word.. Any software like that?
  4. D

    Alternative To A Laptop?

    actually my financial condition is not so good , I cannot buy a laptop or so . now I use a celeron 2nd hand computer ( 733 Mhz ) on 810e motherboard . I dont do any heavywork just some unix level C programming . but sometimes I need to read ebooks on the move or so . I am looking for a pda...
  5. K

    Help me 2 buy a High-End Laptop...

    Hi Guys.. Need to buy a laptop by end of Month... Budget : Rs. 60000-75000 Please dont suggest DELL M1210.. dont like it for much reasons like support / webcam not there / expensive compared to others features / 12" etc... Also plz dont suggest 17" as it gets heavy ... I picked up...
  6. Josan

    Best Pc

    I m going to assemble a new pc for me ,with a bugget around 1lak as money is not a prob. i can spend more than than 1lak if needed , I need this pc for the following : 1.Audio Production(the main) 2.Internet 3.Playing heavy Games 4.watchin and Capturing TV So Plz suggest me a best...
  7. K

    is 6800xt worth no gaming benchmarks.

    is 6800xt worth a big heavy stupid card???i saw it very heavy!!!!
  8. pickster

    High-End Laptop. Urgent.

    My uncle wants to buy a laptop of around Rs 100K. He wants a laptop but it shuuld not be heavy and should be good in performance. And added benefit would be good looks. Please reply fast.
  9. R

    FEAR - how to kill heavy armor?

    asking help 2 those who have finished FEAR . which is the best way to kill heavy armor ? it takes a lot for ammo and effort to kill them .
  10. M

    Age of Heavy Problems

    Age of Empires III the heavy hardware demanding game runs very slow on my PC. Especially when war begins and more than that when the war begins in water. The FPS count is very low. My configuration is as follows: PIV 2.66 GHz Processor (AOE3 requires 1.4GHz) Intel Original 915GLVG 512 MB RAM...
  11. bala4digit


    Every one has their own dreams, even of games,like how they want it to be . the features , strategies etc. 8) Hope some Game progammer See This thread PUHLEES GOD! Reply Or Comment On others Proposals so everybody post their own dreams here 8) tell the Name, game strategy,the type,the way...
  12. K

    Compiling Linux Kernel + Installating SM56 Modem on RHL

    Here is the link of my guide http://rapidshare.de/files/1224678/Kernel_Compilation_Guide___SM56_Installation.pdf.html many ppl probably know it.. all heavy duty ppl here :P
  13. sujithtom

    Hey guys don't you Ragnarok???

    Man i can't see any ragnarok related stuff here. Digit has given it free 2 times and even our mods are heavy players. I am already addicted to it.
  14. esumitkumar

    Where to listen online hindi radio?

    Hi Where to listen online hindi radio ? and what software needs to be installed? one site is www.mrkirmani.tk but i can't listen FM there !!! My office has got heavy firewall ! Can I still listen streaming radio? Thanxxxx in advance !
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