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  1. somulesnar

    need suggestion for getting a in earphone in the budget of rs 1k for my samsung champ

    guys i need help for a buying an in ear headphone under 1k for my samsung champ c2200d phone. basic needs listening to heavy metal music, psychadelic rock, trance for atleast 6 hrs a day.....
  2. pulkitpopli2004

    Headphones V/s Earphone

    Yesterday when i was listening songs on a Nokia Headset.. i realized and asked a question to myself why people buy Headphone when in-ear earphones are present.. they are nt heavy, they provide very good noise isolation and cost is also comparatively low.. then why Headphones?? Whats your...
  3. A

    Which is the best BSNL brodband Plan for downloading heavy files??

    Dear sir, I am a newby to BSNL brodband I want to download heavy files like mivies, oc games, songs etc. i want a plan in which i can download unlimited but it should be in budget the lowest unlimited plan. Plsssss help!!:-(
  4. W

    pc configuration for multimedia

    hey, i am a 3d animator and do audio visual editing also ... my config. as of present is. processor - Intel Quad core GPU - PAlit ATI Radeon 3550 mobo - p35 diamond Hard disk - seagate 1tb ram - 2gb DDR3 ram as my system is a couple of years old i would like to upgrade... so that i...
  5. montsa007

    How good is this Mobo? - DFI LanParty DK 790FXB

    Hi guys, As i had started a thread earlier deciding to build a rig, i was doing a google for alternate mobos I found this, DFI LanParty DK 790FXB Can you please help me know as to how good it is for heavy gaming? Also which proccy should i hog in it? Thanks, -S
  6. pulsar_swift

    My P4 3.0 Ghz HT processor fan making heavy noise when playing flash games

    Guys, Need ur help. P4 3.0 Ghz HT processor I am playing ZYNGA POKER on facebook and when i play it, my processor fan is running non stop and making heavy noise. I have NVIDIA 8400GS 512MB graphics card as well, what could be the problem ?
  7. shaunak

    Want some feedback on MTNL/Airtel services in Mumbai

    I am looking to change ISPs, and I am considering MTNL or Airtel. I would appriciate some feedback on their Mumbai (Andheri) operations. 1. Do you get speeds anywhere near the promised mark? 2. Does the speed drop significantly (to the point of near in-usability) during hours of heavy...
  8. Cool G5

    Need distro for old PC

    My PC specs are as follows: P4 2.0GHZ MSI PM8M-V Motherboard Onboard Via P4M800 Graphic Chip 512MB DDR RAM I need a distro for the above machine. I tried Ubuntu 9.10, Fedora 12 LXDE but both of them feel slow. I went to install Arch but it failed to boot giving a GRUB error i.e. Grub hanging at...
  9. T

    need printer suggestion plsssss

    hi, we out here have a counter which prints photo quality prints, almost 250 nos daily. of late we have been using Hp photosmart series printer but it seems that these printers are not meant for heavy duty prints. 2 printers has gone kaput in 2 years. this is really annoying. can...
  10. B

    (Gaming mousepad) Steel series QCK heavy steel [Improves aiming and gameplay]

    Steel series QCK heavy steelpad [Improves aiming and gameplay] Follow the link for more details about the mousepad: Select language - SteelSeries Please note: . Please check the original pictures of the mousepad. There are some white light white patches on left side of pad which have...
  11. G

    Best Configuration for using softwares like

    My Brother works on Photoshop, Coreldraw, Illustrator, Coreldraw and Maya hence i want to buy PC for him what is best configuration for using this heavy application so please suggest.
  12. K

    Heavy Downloading on phone

    Hi I am having nokia n79 and I am using it for some heavy downloading using Symtorrent application. Am i reducing the life span of my phone? Can this cause serious damage to my phone. Currently I have edge connection in my phone and by heavy downloading I mean data transfers of 10 to 15 gb in a...
  13. H

    Which BSNL Plan For Heavy Download needs???

    Hi, I am planning to take a BSNL broadband connection this month. I just want to know which is the best plan for satisfying heavy downloading needs? :D I prefer the unlimited plans but which unlimited plan offers good value for money?
  14. Psychosocial

    Any heavy metal related mags available in India ?

    As the thread title says, any heavy metal orientated magazine available for subscription in India ?
  15. Faun

    Silent Hill: Homecoming Discussion

    Atleast I can have privilege of creating a thread first Watch out for some really disturbing monsters, and a decent story like Silent Hill 2. Pyramid Head is back too. Well...since it's developed by Double Helix (American company) instead of Team Silent (original Japanese company), some will...
  16. A

    Suggest a graphic card

    i want to buy a graphic card with a budget of upto 8k.the major uses will be 3d modelling and rendering with maya and 3dsmax, and gaming!i have a 19 inch monitor, so i wont b playing at very high resolutions.i can wait for 2 months if some heavy price drop is expected.plz help me out...
  17. avi1708

    Which GPU is better ??

    1. 128mb geforce 8400m gs ,or 2. 256mb ati mobility radeon hd 3450 :Dactually, my problem is i'm trying to choose between dell's inspiron 1420 & studio 15". please help me out guys! p.s. i'm more into games than hd content. but i'm not a heavy gamer.
  18. Faun

    Which Scooty to buy ?

    My friend has decided to buy a Scooty. She's not certain which one to buy. Suggestions are welcome, Scooty shouldn't be heavy (like activa). Waitin for replies thnx
  19. scavanger007

    best buy in 15k t0 20k

    guys i need help on two points......... tell em which graphics card should i prefer....... 1]XFX 9800GTX or XFX 8800GT(or 8800 GTX or any 8800 series) another question..... i wanna buy best RAM(i mean amount of RAM....preferably 2gb or above),processor(prefarably intel),and motherboard in 2...
  20. moshel

    ULTIMATE EARS SUPER.FI 3 Studio or SHURE E2c?????

    I am confused between the two earphones. Reviews for both are equally good. Some suggesting the UE as being better and some suggesting the Shures. I am planning to spend around $100 - $110 (including shipping) for new earphones. please suggest me what would be better. I will use these...
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