new external hard drive (portable ) for laptop

Mayank Mohan

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i have hp dv6 laptop.its hard drive isnt working fine .it shows it has bad sectors.i tries every repair solution but could not get it i am planning to buy a new portable hard drive.i want to know which drive is best for the purpose ,.the drive should be heavy duty becoz i will install the operating system on it.and probably the games to.i have a esata port to on my lappy.

thanx in advance..


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External HDD can't be a replacement of internal HDD as the transfer rate will not cross 40 MB/S in case of USB 2.0 and 100-130 MB/S in case of USB 3.0. If your lappy is under warranty then contact the service center and if isn't then get a new Laptop HDD and replace the internal one with the new one.
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