Need help budget laptop


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*Budget :
Max 37k (can't extent even a bit more)
*size and weight
14" or 15"
No preference
*primary use
Browsing, watching movies, light programming, and would like to play some modern games if possible at decent frame rates
*screen type
Don't know
*Anything else?
Confused between
* (lack of usb 3.0 doesn't matter)
Hp G6 2049tx
Id like to do very light photoshoping/after effects (post processing of self shot photos/small clips) or the like - nothing heavy though btw dont know if lack of turbo boost will render the one with i3 lame. Also 8750m one seems more future proof when it comes to gaming so can't decide between the two.
Any other suggestions welcome


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no reviews yet btw can you tell me whether there'll be a huge improvement when it comes to handling games between hp and sammy ?Also will i3 suffice for light photoshoping

Not in every game but yup some of the games will be needing turbo boost in a way or another. When you are spending money you want your money to be vfm product. That is why I am inclined towards i5 and yes i3 can also handle light photoshoping. Rest the choice rests with you.


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^^okay am almost done planning to order one this week itself as another member also has the same lappy thanks for suggestions :thumbup:
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