1. bubusam13

    New Headphones that can be drived easily by Sansa Clip

    Hi Guys, yesterday my old headphones stopped working. So I would like to buy one. Pls advice me. I mostly use my IEMs for listening music. I use headphones mostly at my home only. I would like headphones that covers my whole ear (circumaural). I am not looking for exceptional music quality. It...
  2. A

    Headphones for 3-5k

    Recently my old headphones, Sennheiser HD202 started having some issues (the left ear wire became a bit loose, so the sounds keeps getting cut off intermittently), so I am looking for a new pair to buy.Definitely want an upgrade from my these headphones. Would like closed back and...
  3. R

    Want a good and cheap over the headphones

    So yeah, I tried searching a good one on flipkart but the reviews are too suspicious to trust. I have never bought over the ear headphones and I was suggested by a friend to ask on TDF. If anybody can suggest me a good and cheap as my budget is 1k I would be thankful to that person. Note: I want...
  4. A

    Headfone for Xperia M

    :lol: guys one of my friend is looking for Headfones [not in ear] @ 2k max for both laptops and XM. He needs good clear crisp music quality , should not be bassy at all, should be comfortable. we both are noob...:rofl: So you guys please suggest... one personal query : I tried several cheap...
  5. H

    How is AHP-1200 ahuja headphone for Monitoring ?

    Have anyone tried Ahuja headphones for Monitoring ? I have been told they are widely used in India for studio purposes ? Let me know your experience about it. I am looking for Monitoring Headphone for Voice over purposes. For now I have HD 202 Headphones which obviously are not for monitoring...
  6. D

    needs good headphones in 2 days URGENTLY!

    hi guyz i have shortlisted some headphones for general bollywood songs and laptop use now torn apart selecting them they are as follows: sony xb400-1500rs sennheiser hd 201-1500 sennheiser 202-1800 pls give advice regarding headphones ASAP guys its urgent THnx in ADv.
  7. coolest111

    over the ear headphone under 4k

    Audio Technica ATH-WS55 BRD(EX)/T Over-the-ear Headphones 3.6k or Skullcandy S5AVDM-074 Navigator On-the-ear Headset 3.7k
  8. Zangetsu

    How is Monster Products [Head Phones,Speakers etc]?

    Hi Guys, Just came across this brand. Monster Headphones anybody how is it?
  9. ratul

    Headphones for <2.5k. HD 202 II v/s HD 203.

    Looking for some headphones in the price range <2.5k (strict) for listening music, mostly rock, metal, rap, hip-hop. I do know that HD202II are the most suggested headphones in this price range, but i want to know are there any other options available? What about HD203, they are in the same...
  10. gamer.geek

    Need a good Headphone under 800-1K.

    Hello. I need good headphones solely for the cause of playing CS 1.6, Dota2 and TF2. I will use it for listening music on my phone too. I don't like Bass much; neither I like too much of troubles. But it should be enough, not excess of anything. Also, the build quality should be awesome...
  11. A

    Positive Experience Philips Headphones

    Recently bought Philips SHL3000WT Headphones for only Rs.649. I ordered on 8 September'13 afternoon and the product was in my house on 10 September'13 evening. Packaging was not very great-just the snapdeall cover over the headphone package, no other cushioning.Also didn't receive the bill...
  12. C

    need headphones.. budget - 15,000

    i bought klipsch s4a ii for my samsung galaxy s2.. they are nice.. now i want to upgrade to over-ear headphones. my budget is 15,000 i thought of sennheiser new momentum on-ear, but came to know they dont isolate and music leaks, also on ear may cause comfort issues.. so switched to...
  13. A

    Want to buy in ear headphones below 2000 rs

    Want to buy in ear headphones below 2000 rs. I have Micromax canvas 2 plus and their headsets are bad. So suggest me any high end budget headset in ear so I can enjoy music. Found this headset Tekfusion - Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones Please suggest something which suits my budget and gives...
  14. reddead

    Looking for in ear headphones for S2

  15. flyingcow

    Want to buy headphones for 3k

    Please suggest me headphones for nearly 3k Main purpose would be to listen to music and gaming, basically everything i do on a pc, i do it with headphones on. Therefore they must be comfortable too during prolonged use. Shouldfeel somewhat premium andlook good, shouldnt be like cheap iball...
  16. S

    Want to buy Headphones for less than Rs.1000.

    I am thinking about this one.they are in my budget.what do you think? is it a good choice? Philips SHL3000 Over-the-ear Headphones - Philips: Flipkart.com
  17. bee

    Headphones for xolo q800

    can someone please suggest an awesome pair of headphones for xolo q800 budget :: 2k max thanks!
  18. D

    Need help deciding headphones!

    Hi.. I have been using IEMs from very long time..but wanted to try headphones as i think they are comfortable. IEMs works great when they fit perfectly in the ears..but don't know why all my IEMs seems to slip from my ear..So decided to try headphones. I have shortlisted few. 1) Sony XB400 2)...
  19. B

    Headphones with good bass. budget 1k +/-200

    usage : will be used on a desktop PC all the time for music and occasionally for movies and games Requirements [if possible in my budget :P ] : Good bass, good build quality [should last atleast 1.5-2years without developing any problem with wires] optional : comfort budget Rs.1000 +/- 200...
  20. G

    Logitech UE 6000 Premium Over-The-Ear Headphones Review

    Hi everyone,its Gizmo96 here with a new Review.This a full review of the Logitech UE6000 over-the-ear heaphones.These are a premium set of heaphones in for around Rs.17,500 and are one of the best headphones that I have ever heard.So let's get started with the review Packaging With a hefty...
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