1. S

    buying advice for headphones for Samsung galaxy y duos

    Hey I bought skull candy in ears headphones for my nokia 5233 and I have a galaxy y duos but it doesn't give much bass as it gives in nokia 5233 and some people say that Samsung have different audio jacks so should I buy a Samsung earphone or something. Wrong with my galaxy y please help me out
  2. varunparakh

    Sony MDR-G45LP or any better alternative

    Hey folks, Looking to get new headphones! Looking for : RAW COMFORT(Long hour listening) Good BASS & Music Quality Have shorlisted Sony MDR-G45LP, available @ Flipkart for 845!(Currently Out of Stock again :( ) The only Con i found was, low Volume, else these headphones are way...
  3. S

    circumaural headphones with mic for Rs.1000

    My friend needs a headphone with mic. He is not into iems. Preferably circumaural headphones with mic. The budget is 1000 max extendable to 1300. The use is for chatting and some music ( mainly desi songs). Please suggest a good model. thanks in advance guys.
  4. GhorMaanas

    Koss Porta Pro Classic (Box-packed)

    1. Products (models) on sale: Koss Porta Pro Classic On-ear Headphones 2. Date of Purchase: March 2012 3. Price: 2500/- 4. Reason for sale: got a piece extra by mistake 5. Product condition: 10/10, ie, absolutely unused, and box-packed ever since bought. 6. Warranty: Limited lifetime...
  5. A

    WTB Wireless Headphones

    i want to buy new Wireless Headphones to use it with my LED TV headphones must have a range of 5-10 mi currently using iball WR 621 and not happy with its sound quality is philips SHC1300 worth upgrade ? my budget is max 2K is philips SHC1300 is stereo headphone ?
  6. L

    Search for good budget headphones

    Guys I am looking for good budget headhones around 1k. I have read older posts on this topic but couldn't decide.. I previously owned Sennheiser PMX 60(around the neck) and PX 100 which were pretty good but the cord got twisted and mangled and finally came off from the audio jack. I have...
  7. sriharsha_madineni

    Headphones suggestion for 5K

    I'm looking for an upgrade to my existing Audio Technica ATH T500. My usage would be in this priority Movies>>Gaming>>Music. A lot of headphones are going through my mind which is confusing me a lot. Also I'll be using it mostly with my laptop, so what do you suggest. Should I go for usb...
  8. CarlonSamuels

    Suggest Headphones for 2k

    Use-Gaming+listening to music Budget-1k-2.5k max
  9. I

    Suggestions for buying dirt-cheap IEM headphones

    Hi, I want to buy dirt-cheap = cheapest available in-ear headphones. Primary use: Listening music and audiobooks on my mobile phone (Nokia N79) Audio Quality: Decent (not looking for extremely high quality, but not very bad either) Budget: Cheapest, less than 500 I can buy online...
  10. S

    AKG K450 or similar? Where can I buy in Mumbai or Pune?

    I saw the AKG K 450s on the AKG website recently, and I loved them. These would be my first non-IEM headphones, and so, I'd like to know if they're a good choice or not. Portability, medium bass, good sound, and the same price range would be my criteria for the other headphones too...
  11. Y

    noise cancelling earphones nt headphones

    please tell me the noise cancellation earphones(nt headphones) under 3k and from where to buy online
  12. teejay_geekEd

    Suggest Headphones within 40$

    Guys, I'm looking for headphones within 40$ (will buy it from US and get it here through my friend) Prefer an emphasis on bass while not losing out on vocals and soundstage. I prefer a portable set. 1. Panasonic RP -HTF 600 -Got great reviews and for its price of 30 dollars, it seems to be a...
  13. justme101

    Headphones for HTC Explorer..!!

    So a month passes by since i bought my first smartphone but i still couldn't find a good headphone to fit in my phone. Because of the weird 3.5mm jack i cant seem to fit any of my old headphones. I tried all my old headphones (nokia, nokia xpress music, samsung) which i collected from the...
  14. samudragupta

    headphones required ~5k

    hello friends, i am looking for a good pair of wireless headphones for movies and gaming. well essentially for my laptop, however can be used with my ipod as well. pls suggest something in the range of 2-3k. thank you.
  15. S

    Headphones similar to SkullCrushers?

    Hello there! I have been a fan of in-ear headphones with good bass. I had a pair of EP-630 and how have a Sony MDR EX57 SL. I recently had a chance to use a friend's SkullCandy SkullCrushers and was impressed with the depth of bass, as well as the subwoofer and vibration offered. I have...
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