1. S

    headphones under 2.5k

    hey,i am looking for a pair of headphones with a budget of2-2.5k.i need the headphones for mainly listening to music and gaming,and some movies/series(not much).i don't really mind between IEM and over the ears,but they should be comfortable,sturdy and i should be able to listen to them for long...
  2. W

    Headphones upto 3k

    1.What is your budget? Ans: upto 3000 INR 2.What is your need for buying headphone? Ans: Electronic Music, Movies, Gaming, Videos 3.What kind of Headphone do you require? Ans: Wired. Prefer with Mic (But Without is fine). 4.What is your source? (like Laptop /cd player/mobile...
  3. P

    Headphones under 5k

    Initially I was using Sennheiser PX 100-II until it's left side stopped responding. Now I'm looking for some new headphones under same category like the same sound quality & bass of sennheiser. Mostly I'll listen likes of megadeth,iron maiden.... Please suggest something really good
  4. B

    Connect Old CRT TV to Bluetooth/Wired Headphones, possible ??

    Hello, I have an old CRT TV (Samsung EasyView+ DNle) in my Bedroom and i'm thinking of connecting it to the headphones (Bluetooth or Wired) so that I can watch matches late without disturbing others. The back panel of the TV looks something as attached in the Screenshot. I tried connecting...
  5. RCuber

    Need Headsets for Voip and Gaming

    I need a pair of headsets for skype calls (Office) and also gaming/Movies/Music(Home). Was thinking of Corsair Vengeance 1300 but im a bit confused. I can take a cheap ones for voip and can invest heavily on headphones on other use. 8K max . Please recommend only headphones with Analog...
  6. A

    Calling out to all the portable "AUDIO ENTHUSIASTS"

    So I was sitting in the office one day during the lunch break and I heard a loud voice across the aisle.I got up and scanned the area wondering what was going on ....I discovered that a guy was telling his fellow colleagues about a new sound system he had bought,"Its a 5.1 surround he said...
  7. SaiyanGoku

    Earphones under Rs 500

    Requirement: Listening songs (J-POP, K-POP, J-ROCK and Linkin Park) on laptop, mobile and watching anime/tv series/movies on laptop. Budget: Strictly under Rs 500 Any specific model liked: Skysonic Sports Earphones - EHK65R from Skysonic | Hook Earphones | electronics-store | HomeShop18.com...
  8. C

    New Headphones ~ 2k

    I need a good pair of headphones mostly for movie watching. Earlier had skullcandy uprock and was pretty sqtisfied with them until they died suddenly. Please recoomend some options.
  9. T

    IEM's or Headphones

    Hi, I need new headphones/IEM's. I was leaning a bit towards Headphones because they are more comfortable, but what about some good IEM's? How is the sound quality(specially Bass) of IEM's compared to Headphones for Rs.2000 and more? Could you recommend some Headphones and IEM's ? I...
  10. sandynator

    Buying headphones from ebay.in global easy buy

    Hi guys planning to buy koss ur55 from eBay.in through global easy buy route. I know there will be no warranty but is it safe to buy headphones through this route? The reseller is i2c world inc Here is the link KOSS UR 55 STUDIO PULSE HEADPHONES Will there be any added cost apart from the...
  11. samudragupta

    headphones for 12k

    hi friends, i am looking to get a good pair of audiophile over the head headphones for max 12k. I have nearly made up my mind to get the audio technica ath-m50, however was looking for more expert suggestions. I already own sony xb90ex and are great bassy earphones and havent let me down... but...
  12. T

    Need Headphones below INR 2000. Replacement for SM MP21. Is ATH-SJ-33 fine?

    1.What is your budget? Ans: Below 2000 INR [<=2000]. 2.What is your need for buying headphone? Ans: Electronic Music, Movies, Videos, Casual Gaming 3.What kind of Headphone do you require? Ans: Circum-Aural, Prefer Open (But both open and closed are fine). Wired. Prefer with Mic (But...
  13. R

    Need Headphones to enjoy movie experience !

    1.What is your budget? Ans: 2000-3000 INR. 2.What is your need for buying headphone? ( like Dj/ gaming/for mobile phone…. etc) Ans: Movies, Skype, casual gaming like NFS Rivals 3. What kind of Headphone do you require? Ans: Help me choose. Confused between open and closed. Need with Mic, also...
  14. gameranand

    Crackling Sound from Speakers

    Guys some ago my speakers and my Headphones were working fine and then when I was listening to a song then there were a lot of crackling, I mean that there would be a pause in the original song and there would be crack and then song will resume as usual, also the video is suffering from no...
  15. sandynator

    Suggest best possible Headphones from the selected few.

    Guys we are planning to upgrade our Headphones so need your valued opinions. 1.What is your budget? Ans:2 to 3k & can extend to 3.5k if need be. 2.What is your need for buying headphone? ( like Dj/ gaming/for mobile phone…. etc) Ans: Music[80%] & Movies only on...
  16. A

    In ear Headphone for Nexus 5 below 2000 rs (Mumbai)

    Want to buy in ear headphone for nexus 5 below 2000 rs in Mumbai. I will use it for music and for gaming. Good sound and good quality required. Please guide me for 1st time buying headphone. There are bunch of headphones to choose from, I liked some of them below. Panasonic RP-HJE120E-K...
  17. G

    Need IEM for Rs.750 MAX

    1.What is your budget? Ans: Rs 1600 Max 2.What is your need for buying headphone? ( like Dj/ gaming/for mobile phone…. etc) Ans: Only to listen to music on my phone 3. What kind of Headphone do you require? Ans: In ear Monitor headphone (mic is not required) 4.What is your source? (like...
  18. S

    how is nokia bh-505

    I am thinking of buying nokia bh-505 headphones. Any reviews on it?
  19. ud0103

    Wireless headphones with nano receiver

    Hi, I've been looking for wireless headphones to use with my laptop since a week and I've found a product by Philips. The headphones look good and have been rated to be good across a number of websites but the only thing biting me is the emitter that comes along with the headphones as I...
  20. bssunilreddy

    Headphones for gaming under Rs.500

    Hai, 1.What is your budget? Ans:Rs.500 2.What is your need for buying headphone? ( like Dj/ gaming/for mobile phone…. etc) Ans:Gaming 3. What kind of Headphone do you require? A) Open headphone (with or without MIC support) B) Closed Headphone(with or without MIC support) C) In...
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