1. 7shivam9

    [Query] Exchange Sony XB400(Over head)with XB30EX(In ear). Anyone ? Or sell.

    Hey guys, I'd like to exchange my Sony XB400 with XB30EX if someone has it. Headphones are perfect conduction, reason for exchange is - I can't workout listening to music on these. I need in ear headphones. or use outdoor. Bass is mind blowing without any doubt. If someone wants to...
  2. $hadow

    Headphones under 4k.

    Earlier I was looking for a wireless headphone but since @TheIncinerator pointed out to me that wireless will never touch the clarity of wired headphones so here I am looking for a wired headphone which will be used for purposes like 1. Movies 2. Gaming 3. Songs Songs will be like rock,pop...
  3. $hadow

    Suggestions for Wireless headphones

    I am using mi piston uptill now and I broke my logitech headphones 5 months back (didn't remember the exact model) . So here I am seeking you guys suggestions for Wireless headphones. Usage: These will be used with my laptop and mobile and also on the go listening. Should have a good...
  4. R

    loud headphones for 10k?

    hey guys, i recently saved up 10 k for a new pair of headphones. these, im mainly gonna use while studying so i need them to be LOUD. but they should also have some level of noise isolation. im currently thinking about audio technica ath-m50x. i currently have sennheiser hd429 but they are just...
  5. Ihatemyself

    [Help] Mi In-ear Headphones(Piston) not working with Moto G (2nd Gen)

    Hi, I recently bought Moto G (2nd Gen). It seems that Mi In-ear Piston headphones are not working with Moto G. I've tested both the headphones and the 3.5 mm jack of moto G independently and they are both working. Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue? Thanks!
  6. evilmage93

    Best Headphone under 1.5k

    I just bought Moto E and its earphone sucks. Now I want to buy over the ear headphone but am confused because there are so many of them. So can you guys kinda help me pick the best of them. Some of the headphones I looked:- Please point me to the best among the mentioned...
  7. A

    Over the ear Headphones <2k

    Please suggest some good Over the Ear headphones within 2k. I can stretch the budget to slightly more ~ 2.5k but not more. My prime concerns, besides good sound quality, is built/durability and comfort. Also, 2.1 speakers with same budget. Need to buy those too. Thanks!
  8. H2O

    Over The Ear Headphones Around 1K

    Hello Guys. I need an over-the-ear headphones around 1K. Basic purpose is listening to music. Also, the headset needs to be comfortable for the ears. So some suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
  9. 7shivam9

    In-ear/HEADSET around 1k

    ola amigos last time I made a mistake by buying Phillips SHL300 @ 588rs. these were good but I was dissapointed because their power was same as my old Skullcandy jib .. and actually felt little low too. >so before late I quickly listed them on olx and sold it at 500 bucks. Now I think i...
  10. ariftwister

    Play Audio through multiple device at the same time

    Is there any software/App which lets you play through Headphones as well as Laptop speaker simultaneously ? The reason i want this to play a media player through Laptop speaker and playing another video player through Headphones without audio interfering. Is it possible ?
  11. R

    Wireless Headset for Gaming and movies.

    Helloo guyz, I need a Headset preferrably wireless for use with gaming and watching movies and TV. I sit at a distance of around 2-3Mtrs max. I doubt i'll get any wired headset with that long cord ? Not sure how much to spend but i feel 3k is more than enough. Please suggest multiple models...
  12. 7shivam9

    Last Minute advice : On buying Budget headphones.

    Hey Digit. I'm looking for budget headphones for Loud music and Kick ass bass. I have lurked around Snapdeal and picked few - * Philips SHS390 Neckband Headphone - Buy Online @ Rs.376/- | Snapdeal * Philips SHP 1900 Headphones - Buy Online @ Rs.442/- | Snapdeal * Philips Stereo...
  13. akhilc47

    Ear bud headphones under 700

    Hi, Please suggest me the best ear bud type headphones under 700 bucks. Don't want to stretch budget unless it's really worth it. Any brand is ok, but just have to be ear bud type. I'll be using it with phone and laptop. Thanks for reading.:-) - - - Updated - - - Quick search in fk found these...
  14. A

    Headphones for 8k

    So guys I saved more over a few months and now have a bigger budget around 8k. Quoting my original post a few months ago below: Recently my old headphones, Sennheiser HD202 started having some issues (the left ear wire became a bit loose, so the sounds keeps getting cut off intermittently), so...
  15. K

    Headphones for gaming and movies/tv shows for under 2.5k. ok with used

    Hi I play games (mostly smite and COD) on pc also movies and tv shows. not much music. not bass head but dont hate it.using hd 201 for a while but lack of bass is making them boring. SO looking for headset/over ear headphones under 2.5k i am ok with buying used from olx. i was going to get...
  16. Nerevarine

    Best gaming headphones - Under Rs 2000

    Require the best gaming headphones under Rs 2000.. Having a mic is preferable but I dont want to sacrifice sound quality.. Suggestions please ? Thanks in Advance
  17. S

    Need a Headphone for 7-8 K and an affordable Amp for 3 K

    Dear Experts, Help me choose a good personal audio setup. The requirements and listening types are as under. Headphones 1. Over the Head, wired 2. Great Soundstage. Needs to be more musical. 3. No Bass Head, possibly a Bass neutral capable of thumping when amped 4. Will be watching...
  18. aniket.cain

    [For Sale] Sennheiser HD 598 Circumaural Headphones

    [SOLD] Sennheiser HD 598 Circumaural Headphones 1. Model number and details: Sennheiser HD 598 Sennheiser HD-598 2. Date of purchase: 16 April 2012 3. Reason for sale: Not using this since I purchased the HD 650 last year 4. Warranty details: None (almost over) 5. Expected Price...
  19. gdebojyoti

    Incompatible Headphones

    Hello. I have a couple of headphones - Philips SHM7410U Wired Headset *www.flipkart.com/philips-shm7410u-wired-headset/p/itmdnymvzanaxfmq?pid=ACCCZ553FGVUMMH7& SoundMAGIC PL11 Wired Headphones *www.flipkart.com/soundmagic-pl11-wired-headphones/p/itmd65cyhrahuvct They work very fine...
  20. L

    Best In ear headphones under Rs.800

    Hello digit community! I am buying a pair of in ear headphones and I am on a tight budget and want a decent one as low as possible. So far I have Creative EP 630 in mind. Is it good enough or can you suggest some better ones?
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