Want to buy headphones for 3k


Please suggest me headphones for nearly 3k
Main purpose would be to listen to music and gaming, basically everything i do on a pc, i do it with headphones on.
Therefore they must be comfortable too during prolonged use.
Shouldfeel somewhat premium andlook good, shouldnt be like cheap iball etc
The type of music played will be rock, alternate, dubstep and country, electronic, club, EDM and there is a genre that i listen to but i dont know its name lol somewhat similar to dirt 3 songs.

I have only listened to chep iball 300 rs headphones and the earphones which come with mobiles for my whole life, stole my fathers htc one x headphones lol
So can anyone tell if spending 3k will give me good results and will be worth it?

It shouldnt be only bassy etc, i also want clear and crisp sound too.

Budget can be extended if needed.
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