1. Pratz993

    Can't start WIFI!!

    I have an HTC explorer phone. Till recently, I was using Mobile network which worked just fine. But now there is a WiFi connection in my hostel. When I connect to it the signal comes in white. This is happening for all android phones. Any,solutions to turn it green, so as to use market and...
  2. B

    Samsung Galaxy 3 camera problem

    Hi....I am facing an issue with the camera in my Galaxy 3. Once I click on the capture button, the phone seems to hang for a few seconds and then I get a message 'Warning: Camera Failed'. Anybody has an idea why this is happening? I have used my camera after quiet some time but it was working...
  3. rahulbalmuri

    System restart problem....

    i recently bought Asus p8z68-v mobo with i5 2500k on board,..... I enabled the TPU switch...... and weird thing is happening... when i switch on my pc.... it restarts and then automatically starts... now wats this..... again its not restarting.... but this wasn't happening before enabling...
  4. A

    error: windows shut down

    sometimes, windows of my pc automatically shuts down .... i have attached an image to show what happens after that... what should i do to prevent this from happening? if u require any other info/config of my pc please tell. :???:
  5. akash22

    problem with sreenshot

    guys whenever i try to take any screenshot of dirt 3 with fraps this kind of sreenshot results(*www.thinkdigit.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=4819&stc=1&d=1308469195). this is happening with this game only. please see and give me some sugesstions.
  6. doomgiver

    What is the 3D Visual experience

    3d? wtf is that? its just a fake pseudo dual channel 2d image projected stereoscopically so that our color-filtered eyes can percieve them at a slightly different angle, and be fooled into believing that it is actually happening in 3 dimensions, not 2. so, why the fuss? its not going to let...
  7. Faun

    Landline problem

    It's strange that my landline is dead but when I dial my landline number then it gets connected to someone else's home. And when I asked their number then the number was different. What is happening here ?
  8. The Sorcerer

    DSK Supcom Event coverage: GameKshetra 2011

    I am currently covering DSK Infocom/Asus ROG's tournament that's happening in DSK campus, Pune. For those who are near here, its happening till Sunday and most probably today saturday all night long- DOTA, CS, COD4, some stuff from Alienware, Razer and Asus. Check it out. Peace Hardware...
  9. R

    DCC Allahabad

    Digit Community chapter Allahabad is exclusive for people from Allahabad. Get updated on the latest happening in the Allahabad community from meets to chats and technology shopping sprees.
  10. Arun the Gr8

    Is it just me or has my Dataone UL900C speed been increased?? ._.

    Since this month I have been receiving speeds ranging around 2 Mbps whereas the plan says 512 kbps till 8 GB and 256 kbps afterwards?? What's happening?
  11. pr.itdude

    The XP's black screen problem....

    Hii guyz, I was facing this since several months and so delayed the formatting n reinstalling of xp. But i must format the drive n install a fresh copy. Whenever i put the cd, it boots n then "Setup is inspecting your h/w config." screen comes and then BLACK....everything goes black and...
  12. pauldmps

    Blackwell Briggs, Nokia & Conspiracy for good. What is happening? Can anyone explain?

    Recently saw this letter on thepiratebay.com. Digging deeper into the comments (and further), some weird things came to my notice which I am not understanding. *static.thepiratebay.org/legal/bwb_mail_resp.txt Can anyone explain what is actually happening? What's all these hype about...
  13. heartripple

    Folder is not accessible.......

    Hey guys .......... I have weird kind of problem. When I try to open some folders 1 error massage comes ...it says The folder is not accessible....I cant open the folder nor delete it..... can anyone tell me what is happening .......????????
  14. X

    Steam FPS issue...

    Hey Steam Lovers... Facing any FPS issues recently...?? Its happening since the new steam update...
  15. D

    DCC Gwalior

    Digit Community chapter Gwalior is exclusive for people from Gwalior. Get updated on the latest happening in the Gwalior community from meets to chats and technology shopping sprees :)
  16. D

    DCC Nagpur

    Digit Community chapter Nagpur is exclusive for people from Nagpur. Get updated on the latest happening in the Nagpur community from meets to chats and technology shopping sprees :)
  17. ComputerUser

    Borland c++ compiler problem

    While using Relo with borland c++ compiler, the run window does not show up. Only a command prompt window comes up and goes away in a sec before I can see the output! And the same thing happens with turbo c++ ! What's happening?
  18. T

    Why full RAM capacity is not shown?

    I have just installed 4 gb ram with 2x2gb modules. But the system is showing only 2808gb ram! Why is that happening? My system config is Processor - 6420 M/B ASUS P5B-VM XP Home with Sp3
  19. gauravsuneja

    help urgently

    my pc when it starts for the first time i shows white pinkish screen with some colored vertical lines .there is no beep other than the default beep .when i take out the monitor cable attached to the cpu and then insert then it comes to life and shows bios screen .previously it was happening even...
  20. go4saket

    Problem with Flat-Out!

    Hi Guys! I just installed Flat-Out. The game started all well but theres a problem with the graphics. The graphics seems all absurd... See below... As you can see, the grass goes on top of the car and the same thing happens with everything else. Why is this happening and how can I resolve...
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