1. nac

    I am redirected to asnews.com.sg

    For the last 2 weeks or so, I am getting redirected to asnews.com.sg up on loading a website. Not all the time, but it's happening. I reset my browser, ran malwarebytes, antivirus. It's still happening. I don't know if it's happening to the all the sites I visit or only few of them. As of now, I...
  2. I

    When the bell rings, the monitor ripples! :S

    Hi all! I noticed a few days ago that whenever the bell of my house rings, a ripple comes across my monitor! It happens quite often. Any idea why that may be happening??
  3. I

    A dialougue on Development & Environment, Gadgil - Bhaduri, Goa University

    Interesting talk which highlights what's happening in India when it comes to 'development' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkD8-UDNGQI
  4. Vyom

    Crack the Code is back with CTC V !!!

    I just got this email from digit! It's just on time to spoil my MCA exams to be happening in June! A new official thread in Interact section is expected soon, meanwhile discuss here! HOLY S***!!! :hyper:
  5. A

    Subway surfers lags on first launch

    Hello G&L's, I have noticed a strange thing with the game Subway surfers.What happens is that it lags the first time I launch it and runs smooth every other time.Now this happens only if I play the game after a significant period of time, say I play it today and then I play it tomorrow...
  6. nomad47

    Overclocking with Gigabyte EasyTune

    Hey guys. As far as I non K Haswell Processors are locked and can't be overclocked. But I downloaded the Gigabyte EasyTune software out of curiosity and am surprised to find that it is allowing me to modify core voltage, core multiplier etc. Any idea what's happening? My Proc+MoBo is i5 4670...
  7. ithehappy

    I am infected by a virus called 'upgrade-itch'. How to kill it? :D

    No seriously, for past one month, I am having this obsession. Every day when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is go on eBay and and see either a 4770k or 4930k and click on buy it now, apply a coupon and then close that page. I don't know why, but it's just happening. And it never...
  8. vrk

    Alien Abduction !!!!

    what will be happening with the people who is getting abducted by Aliens ????
  9. Revolution

    Speakers Budget 1K

    Hi, I'm looking for 2.0 or 2.1 Channel Speakers under 1K for my brother. His 5 years old creative speaker started problem. It almost sound like when a heavy air hit a microphone. This is happening now and then and could not find the reason yet. So,please suggest!
  10. Anorion

    Why game releases skipping pc?

    Noticing too many games released for ios, android and macs but not pc! It's weird Some examples: Asphalt 6 Flashout 3D RC mini racers Would really like to play these an others on pc. Never thought pc would lag behind macs in gaming content, but it feels like that is happening :(...
  11. Limitless

    UPS making noise

    When I play Far Cry 3 my UPS starts making beep noise :( Can anyone tell me what is happening :( My ups model no. APC Back-UPS 600
  12. dharmil007

    Computer Freezes

    My PC just freezes for about 20-30 seconds. This happens around 10-12 times in 1 hr. & mostly happens while watching a video or playing music i Dont know why is this happening. i Tried running hD Sentinal Pro, to check for errors, but it said hdd is perfect. My Config is : AMD Phenom...
  13. 1

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 not working

    i tried to install the Adobe Illustrator CS6 trial version on my lappie. the browser downloads the download assistant but thereafter nothing happens...any idea as to why this is happening? i m using WIN 8 pls help me out guys
  14. aaruni


    Today, as I logged on to fb, I got this: Any way I can stop this from happening? I don't like/want timeline. WTF facebook.. :-x:-x:-x
  15. A

    HD Channels!!!!

    I recently bought a LG 32LM6400 3D TV in the hope that the HD TV will increase my viewing pleasure. But only some channels show extraordinary picture quality, why is that happening?
  16. go4saket

    Security problem with htts sites

    Hello friends! Whenever I try to open any secured site i.e. htttps site, my browser shows a screen which says "This connection is untrusted and to continue, it asks me to add an exception". This is happening in all https site like SBI, HDFC, IRCTC etc. This never happened earlier and all...
  17. Theodre

    The website for sharing college fests!

    Guys my friend Ershad (http://ershadk.com) Came up with this idea of sharing the College fests that will be happening in all the colleges! With myfest.in - Campus fests and events portal We can actually share all the college events all over india which will make the students all over india to...
  18. gohan89

    All media players flickering and not playing any songs properly!!!

    I am having this weird problem for many days now. Whenever I am trying to play many mp3 files in WMP 11,it show media changing message and cycles through all songs very fast automatically without playing any one of them.I am unable to play more than one song.The WMP freezes sometimes. I cant...
  19. mohityadavx

    Jscript working in chrome not in Firefox,IE

    Hey! I am having a strange problem here http://www.kagzaat.com/form_promissorynote.html Now in this page if you select prepayment penalty as "Penalty" a textbox appears in chrome however this isn't happening in firefox, IE. How could I resolve it. Plz Help!
  20. S


    i reinstall the photoshop now m getting if i change into 800x600 its show 2.9gb,whats wrong is this thing happening due to virus,i have kaspersky internet security 2012 upto date
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