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DSK Supcom Event coverage: GameKshetra 2011

The Sorcerer

oh wow...Xenforo!!!

I am currently covering DSK Infocom/Asus ROG's tournament that's happening in DSK campus, Pune. For those who are near here, its happening till Sunday and most probably today saturday all night long- DOTA, CS, COD4, some stuff from Alienware, Razer and Asus.

Check it out. Peace

Hardware BBQ: [Event Coverage] DSK Supinfogame presents Gamekshetra
The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer

oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Here are the Day 1 tournament pics:

With the registrations getting filled big time (mostly for DOTA) over here and teams coming all the way from the south to fight the good fight, this is the coverage of the tournament.

Cant more pics as the forums didn't allow so you can check it out from here: http://www.hardwarebbq.com/2011/03/day-1-tournament-dsk-supcom-coverage.html

Alienware had their gaming notebooks on display and for people to play DOTA. I wished I could go more hands on Roccat equipments to see if the build quality is good enough but didn't reall happen.

Asus put up a system with GTX 570 and Rampage 3 Extreme as their server. Day 1 of the tournament was done nicely and a lot of people were gaming overnight till now without any sleep. Credits to DSK for arranging free accommodation for the gamers and the event hosts/sponsors and for food. This is an awesome place to have series of tournaments especially if you want an overnight.

Respects to Yogesh Nagdev for doing this 4 days straight without much sleep and thumbs up to Anil Max and Asus India's Amit Jaokar for taking care of COD4 2 days straight without much sleep. Credits to DSK Infocom's Pranay Rawat and Neetu Saraogi for putting together a great setup+ accommodations+ food and a huge space good enough for any massive gaming tournaments- especially a nationwide even such as this.

Thanks to the lady leading this wonderful event, Ms.Neetu Saraogi, Marketing manager, DSKSIC and Mr.Pranay Rawat, Executive Marketing, DSKIC- event wouldn’t have been successful without their unconditional support.
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The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer

oh wow...Xenforo!!!
This is the Day 2 wrap up of the DSK Supinfocom GameKshetra 2011 event:
This tournament housed the following events:
X-Box 360: Black Ops and Fifa 11
PS3: Tekken 6 and Fifa 11
PC: CS 1.5, DOTA, COD 4: Team Deathmatch, COD4: SND MOD

Not really clear about the prizes that was given but once I get the necessary details I'll put it up here.

The winners are as follows:

Here are the rest of the pics:

Other than that, nothing new, except Roccat put some stuff on their booth:


I vaguely tried out Roccat Kova mouse and Roccat Sense mousepad. Kova was removed from boxpack so that I can get a more hands on here's how it felt. It was way too small for my hand but it had had couple of rubber grips which pretty much would feel "oily" especially if you have sweaty palms. The built is also a turnoff even compared to MX518+ Golathus oversize control edition that I use by default. Also I didn't really like the mat at all. The rep did tell me that there was a bigger sized mouse and it was something Roccat's team were using but there wasn't anything I could get a hands on. Yeah sure, newer builts of mx518 has quality drops and the rubber coat just fades/peels away. Not really sure DPI has any significant boost in anyone's skills but it all depends on the user and his skills. Credits for sure to Roccat that they are sponsoring teams and online dealers/distributors are very aggressive as far as sales is concerned so that's about it.

Although I've seen couple of controllers that have been used by COD4 players:

The left is Cyber Snipa PC Gamepad 2 and second was Logitech G13. Judging by the screen, you can save game profiles and controller settings. Both had pretty good rubber Pad (note: Pad- not Rubber coats) which doesn't seem to be prone to get oily in constant use. PC Gamepad 2's controlls reminds me of Ideazon merc stealth's dedicated keypad section. Logitech's controller looks pretty interesting and most likely it gives you the liberty to configure the keys accordingly. Requires a certain level of basic skillset, but this looks an ideal choice if you're into lan gaming as you don't need to carry the entire board.

Great turnout, some DQs and the usual confusions but all in all everything was done nicely as everyone stayed up all night and putting the systems together. The Asus' team, Anil Max, Yogesh Nagdev and I were putting up the system together, installing the OS+ Drivers+ game+ re-install (don't ask)+ reinstallation+ ghosting all 22 hard drives and testing every hardware individually. Wasn't really easy to bring all brand new 22 units of AMD 555BE+ Asus' board+ Razer mouse+ keyboards+ mousepad and getting series of minor cuts when assembling it on Coolermaste 310- ended up nicknaming one of the Asus' guys as "The Foxconn Chinese factory worker" for doing majority of the hardwork on his own. Good sponsorships from good companies and even better manpower is what made this event a success. Cheers to all ;)

PC Games excluding COD4-
Winner- Rs.30,000/-
Runner Up- Rs.15,000/-
1st Runner Up- 5K

Winners- 15K each (30K split between SnD and TDM)
Runner Up- 7.5K each (15K split between SnD and TDM)

Console Games-
Winner- Rs.15,000/-
Runner Up- Rs.10,000/-
1st Runner Up- Rs.5,000/-
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