1. ShekharPalash


    I'm on WIN XPSP2, AV is NAV 2004... I use DAP 7.2 as my default DWLD Mgr. Yesterday I downloded Musicmatch Jukebox 9 from its website... DAP Downloaded it prefectly up tp 99% and stopped on 99%... I waited for 30 mins to see for left 1%... didn't completed... Again today same happening...
  2. sms_solver

    Deleting files under Win98 SE

    Whenever I try to delete folders containing many files (say 200+), the folder stops responding for about 20-40 seconds, and only then it refreshes, at that moment you can not do anything with that folder's content. Is this problem with every Windows 98, or it is just happening to my PC. I...
  3. L

    email grievances<YOUVEGOTPOST.COM>

    iam unable to access youvegotpost.com... infact if i type that url it gets redirected to ---aol.com whats happening there??????? :cry:
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