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    Hi admin i am new thinkdigiter who want to explore digit world
    hi admin
    i m newly registered in thinkdigit
    hey, where are the mods? this guys: harvey438 has SPAMed in Technology News! :/
    this is jikkypeter follow this link for better information
    I have created 2 threads in bazar section .
    they were not approved.
    one was created a week ago and on yesterday.
    how long does it take to approval.
    if not approved for obvious reasons,why not intimate me?
    how can one know what and why if this works this manner.
    Hi Admin,

    I am a newly registered use in digit forum, and i dont know where to posts my questions that is the reason am posting my question here.

    I send an email to my friends, but sometimes they forward it to some of the other. I want my email ID to be hidden from the forwarded recipients i.e., from all the recipients except to whom i send it directly.

    can you please change my username to himadri_sm
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    Hi....Admin !!
    Can u change my username to "Sathish" plz its a request .......
    Thnx !
    i am new user.but i read regularly the digit magazine. My system whenever booting , is showing that another "there is another system with same ip address in the network".please help me by solving this.
    Hi Good Morning, I am a new user for digit and I don't know where I have to post my questions. Pls help me I have Trojan virus in my system and I think it effect to my bios also. I don't know how to clear this problem even I have format my system but no use.
    1.I got disk boot failure message and then I enter the bios to check in that the hard disk name shows like a symbols and I restart 2 to 3 times and it enter to OS but this happen all the times and now I remove all the CD and DVD drives from my system and I connect hard disk as a master. Be for my hard disk is in slave. Now the boot failure problem is cleared. but
    2.Whenever I open any application it comes 3 to 4 windows and I close the 1 window all other 3 also closed.
    3.My mouse also not working properly. Likely whenever I press any key it comes 2 to 3 same letters. EX: AAA or CCC

    can u change my name from Varad Dilip Choudhari to cyberboy_varad.

    Please pls pls....

    And y my signature is not workin???
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