1. L

    PC hangs before boot

    Hello My problem is that when I start my PC it hangs on first screen before booting and goes on boot screen after 5 to 10 minutes. And if I go to bios options it works very slow to move on bios options. Please help me to resolve this issue.
  2. H

    Mozilla Firefox Hangs

    Pls help me, My browser (Mozilla Firefox) hangs very often My system config is: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600@2.40GHz RAM 2GB OS Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Shall I upgrade my RAM??
  3. pkkumarcool

    Black Ops 2 freezing and crashing

    Hey Guys my black ops 2 starts well untill the activision logo then when the intro video comes it hangs and error comes.Is there any patch or update to fix this :-(
  4. rajatGod512

    WD Blue 500 GB SAT III HDD Problems

    Hi! So, when I purchased my pc from flipkart in June 2012 I bought a WD Blue 500GB SATA III (5000AAKX) HDD but that turned out to be DOA , I then called up cc of flipkart and then they replaced my hdd which too was DOA , I got that one replaced too Now this third HDD was working normally until...
  5. A

    Firefox hangs

    Firefox hangs and freezes the moment i start it. I have reinstalled it but still it freezes. I removed the antivirus (avira) and firewall (comodo) but no change. Can't even enter safe mode it hangs. Screenshots: and os win7 x64, amd fx 8350m 8gb ram, firefox version 20 Please help.. :(
  6. E

    sd card glitch help needed

    I have a Transcend 8gb micro sdhc card.i inserted it into a galaxy y it showed 'sd card not inserted'.when i insert it into my nokia x2-02 it asks for password even though i havent put any.i also inserted it in a sd card reader in my pc but the system hangs when i try to access it.Linux also...
  7. Nerevarine

    HD 6870 Problem

    I have a HD 6870.. Whenever I turn on Windows Aero, i get an error message "video driver has stopped working but recovered".. and it automatically hangs.. Games run fine on the card on the Windows Basic Interface .. Please advice
  8. T

    Belle Hangs

    I thought the Belle update would solve the Symbian Anna hangs of Nokia 500, but after 3 months of the update, it has again started giving the same hang problems. Happens about once a week, while doing simple tasks as browsing or watching videos online. Same hang, and then screen goes dark pixel...
  9. savagepriest

    My Computer hangs each time I open Computer Folder in Vista

    Each time I try to open the computer folder, in my vista it hangs, i have avg free version installed along with daemon tool virtual drive. I am just not able to find out what is the root of this problem. After restarting the explorer.exe the problem is solved this happens everytime. Is...
  10. Anand_Tux

    Micromax Funbook problems

    Hello friends, I have bought the funbook today but unfortunately it is not recognised whenever I connect to my pc. It also hangs when I connect my airtel 3G datacard, please help me friends :cry:
  11. G

    Game hangs please help

    2 years before when i used to play games like far cry2 etc the game used to run perfectly,as i was in 12 std i did not play games in computer for a year but now when i again reinstalled the games like far cry2,assasins creed the game hangs after playing for 15 min i tried reinstalling the game...
  12. T

    New Lenovo G570 overheating and hang issues

    I've got a new Lenovo G570 a couple of months back. And it heats up quite fast The CPU reaches 70 C. Also, if I leave it unattended for a few minutes, it hangs and even Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work. What might be the issue? Please let me know, if you guys need any logs or such stuff.
  13. L

    issue with display

    i have dell vostro 1510 and for 2 years now its display is giving a problem at first it flickers and different colors appear on screen then it goes normal or sometimes remains flickering or goes black and then laptop hangs no key works then i have to shutdown my laptop using power button plzz...
  14. patkim

    Win Xp - Windows Explorer windo hangs

    Everytime I switch to Explorer window or close an open explorer window. It eventually hangs. Clicking taskbar button is ineffective and task manager shows something like Local Disk (drive) Microsoft Internet Explorer - Not responding. This has started recently. Have tried system restore but no...
  15. Cool Buddy

    Computer hangs, help needed

    I am unable to understand this, I've got a 3.2 Ghz quad core processor (Phenom 840) with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM (bought last week) and my computer hangs at everything. Be it copying a 7 GB file from one internal to another internal HDD, installing a game or Extracting a 70 Part 7 GB rar archive. I...
  16. N

    PC hangs at motherboard logo XFX

    Hey Frens...... plz help me outta this problem....problem is as below.. Weneva i power my pc on ... it hangs at the mobo logo XFX..ie pre bootup into the OS.... I can do nothing bt restart my pc..many times it doesnt help bt that elps is that i have to reset CMOS ... bt the problem comes...
  17. S

    Booting Issues with Windows Xp

    Hi I am having a problem with my Windows Xp installation. Till yesterday it was working fine. Curious as always with my OS, I scheduled a disk check to be performed the next time when I log in. This morning when I woke up and switched on my pc, I found that my windows wont boot. After it...
  18. J

    New PC Intel i5 Hangs After Using 3 to 4 Hours

    Hai, friends..please help..to solve this issue.. my config is Intel i5-2400 processor Intel DH67BL media series Corsair Xms3 4GB * 2 RAM Seagate 2TB HDD Radeon HD 5770 1GB Graphic Card Cooler Master Elite 371- 3 FAN OS - Windows7 62bit my system hangs when i use the PC for more than...
  19. S

    Eyeon Fusion not working in Win7 HP

    Hi I am having trouble with a software called Eyeon Fusion. As I am pursuing a course in animation so this software is of great importance. But whenever I install this software it hangs up whenever I try to import any file in it and if the file even gets imported, then it doesn't show up in...
  20. R

    Motherboard hangs on 5A

    I have a Intel 915 motherboard which was running OK before formatting.Now it hangs on the Intel logo with 5A written in the right hand corner and taking about 3-5 mnts to get into Windows.Help.
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