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Booting Issues with Windows Xp


Broken In

I am having a problem with my Windows Xp installation. Till yesterday it was working fine. Curious as always with my OS, I scheduled a disk check to be performed the next time when I log in. This morning when I woke up and switched on my pc, I found that my windows wont boot. After it displays the windows XP logo, then while directing it to the log on screen it hangs up. It just displays the message " Windows is starting up " and nothing happens. Then after 10-15 mins it displays the log in screen, I enter my User ID and password, then again it hangs up.
Please help me...


Usually you should not get the Log In Screen (since disk check was scheduled )


1. I think you should have re-started windows xp immediately after schedulling the disk check.

2. I think windows xp is getting confused with DATE of the schedule. ( My Guess )


a ) Try to boot in safe mode.

b) If booting into safe mode doesnot work then

c) Boot your computer with the Windows XP CD and enter the Recovery Console.

d) In the Recovery Console type chkdsk /r at the C: prompt.

e) this will run the check disk and repair your computer automatically.


Broken In
The safe run mode isn't opening and I have tried opening the recovery mode by booting from the windows Xp cd, but that isn't working too.When I type the command chkdsk /r, it checks the disk and then I restart the OS, but nthing happens. The same problem persists.


Try to run sfc /scannow in the Recovery Console.


1. You can try to restore your computer to "Last Run Good Configuration" by pressing F8 during boot.

2. Goto BIOS settings by pressing F2 or Del key and see if the hdd is the FIRST boot device.


Right off the assembly line
if at least safe mode works try to do a system restore! Am sure if this issue can be fixed , the system restore will fix it or you will have to go with parallel or clean installation
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