New PC Intel i5 Hangs After Using 3 to 4 Hours


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Hai, friends..please solve this issue..
my config is
Intel i5-2400 processor
Intel DH67BL media series
Corsair Xms3 4GB * 2 RAM
Seagate 2TB HDD
Radeon HD 5770 1GB Graphic Card
Cooler Master Elite 371- 3 FAN
OS - Windows7 62bit

my system hangs when i use the PC for more than 3hr, there is not much work load,.. bt it freeze..i want to reset the system for further use,. we cant use the key board,..mouse or anything..
if any one heard about thes type of problem in any same configd PC,...please help me
im not much deep in the system knowledge...plz help meeee...


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I think it is hanging due to ur RAM. SB CPUs support 1.5V DDR3 RAM but ur RAM XMS3 is 1.65V and is not adequate for SBs.
So, try with some 1.5V DDR3 RAM and check it again.

BTW which PSU do you have? Also give a screenshot of temp. and load of ur proccy using Core Temp.and Real Temp.


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I think it is hanging due to ur RAM. SB CPUs support 1.5V DDR3 RAM but ur RAM XMS3 is 1.65V and is not adequate for SBs.

I can't understand this point. People use XMS3 ram modules i\with their SB processor without nay problem.. So? :unsure:
Any help will be grateful to me.


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i think you need to update your BIOS, my system also have that issue, my problem solved after updating BIOS

iam also using
Intel DH67BL motherboard
Intel i5 2500 Processor
Corsair XMS3 4GB Ram

this is the common problem in new intel DH67BL motherboard. check your BIOS version if it is .0076 means you must update your bios.


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sorry for replying late...
i was testing my system for the past 1 week.
i worked my system for more than 12hours continuously, didn't had any problems,..
but yesterday i plugged in my 1TB External-HDD (Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB2.0) after using it for more than 3hours.. my system get hanged.. tat time my keyboard, mouse, HDD Led all get not working...

I don't know whats this,.. is this a problem because of External HDD ????? !!!!!


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1. Check your mem modules with a app named memtest.
2. Check with a another gfx card.
3. Check with a another PSU.
4. Run a app called HWmonitor and Post the screenshot.
5. Check the system with only one memory module installed.
6. Check the ram slots.

BTW, what PSU do you have ?
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