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  1. S

    Where can I get UNIX from?

    yeah! yeah! yeah! I know asking for UNIX is like asking for a V8 engine. I will get the answers saying get "Fedora core" or "Ubuntu" or any other flavour. *Yippee!! I made ma point clear* If anybody remmebers the it was me who was tangled in problems with Solaris 10 (the monitor came out to...
  2. george101

    What is the best user friendly Linux?

    I just thought i would give try at linux. Can anyone tell me which is the best linux i can use which is similar to windows and can handle windows files as well. it should be very easy to use and have a good GUI. those who know much about linux plz guide me.
  3. romeo_8693

    visual c++ tut

    guys,can any one tell me nice links for visual c++ tuts wherein i can get step by step process of creating a gui along with decent examples....it will be a gr8 help!!!
  4. techtronic

    Windows Media Player 11

    Its ultimate, it rocks and thats WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 11. Excellent GUI and amazing MENUs
  5. nach p

    FC5 GUI Problem

    I installed FC 5 yesterday.After installation of packages when system reboots it enters into 3rd level .I configured my driver as "vesa" becoz default driver shows out of range. I have given "init 5". it entered into GUI mode ,I logged in as root but whole screen appeeared as blank.And it...
  6. varunbhide

    linux installing woes...

    i posted this here coz it is os related... i tried to install fedora core 3from the image disks given with digit's jan 05 issue. while installing, after choosing gui installation, i got the following two errors: 1) assertion (heads > 0) at disk_dos.c :485 in...
  7. Vishal Gupta


    Hi guys! Can u pls suggest the Best GUI Builder s/w for making JAVA programs? Like in Visual Studio, we can drag-n-drop buttons, labels, checkboxes, etc and it automatically create coding for them! So which is the best s/w for JAVA GUI? thnx in advance!
  8. L

    download manager for linux

    hi, i use FC4. could u suggest a good GUI based download manager for FC4 like flashget or getright??? /legolas
  9. U

    Windows Xp GUI Customization!

    Hi friends! Is there anyway we can make some softwares to be installed with windows setup? And also can we customize the installation GUI?
  10. mohit

    BitComet 0.62

    BitComet is a powerful, clean, fast, and easy-to-use bittorrent client. It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter, etc. Latest Changes: * GUI Improved: add...
  11. mohanty1942

    Hardware configuration in Redhat 8.0

    In RedHat Linux 8.0, I connected a USB mouse (with PS2 mouse already connected). It couldn't detect it. From some hardware configuration I changed the mouse from PS2 to USB type. Now none of the mice work in GUI. In console mode (Ctrl+Alt+F3/F4) the PS2 mouse's curser is moving as normal...
  12. anandk

    XPize : enhance your Royale winxp theme.

    hey, this one's nice. for those who like to change winxp gui, :) check this one out. its got new sundry (not the regular file, etc icons) icons, wallpapers, logons, animations, etc. the bootskin, though is not so good, and u may not want to install it. u can uncheck it at installtion...
  13. mohanty1942

    Linux: from Console to GUI

    During installation of RH Linux 8.0 I selected the console option as default(from console & GUI) . Now each time I start linux I get the command promt. How to change to GUI screen ?
  14. R

    Net Sender Gui for Linux

    A GTK- based NetSend GUI for linux for sending and recieving net sends from linux/windows machines. Uses Samba to send and recieve messages.It can be minimized into the system tray and a popup window will appear as soon as a message is recieved. http://sourceforge.net/projects/gladenetsend...
  15. tech_cheetah

    plz help a linux newbie !!!

    hi friends i am a new linux user.I have recently installed Fedora Core 4 on my pc and facing some problems.Plz help me to fine tune my pc. 1.I have Pixel View PlayTV Pro - tv tuner card.But when i try to configure the default tv player in FC4(TVtime Player),it shows no input signal.I have...
  16. ECE0105


    Can someone please tell me where I can get the UNIX OS. I want the base and not the GUI.
  17. T

    MySQL - GUI / CLI

    hey i m new to MySQL. Therefore tell me, 1) is there n e GUI editor for scripting in MySQL? Or i have to continue using our very on CLI? Lemme know
  18. D

    Problem with Ubuntu

    I installed a Linux distro (Ubuntu) for the first time ever. The setup went fine but when it starts, it can't load the GUI and I only get a command prompt like display. Tell me how to recover the partition on which it was installed or how to get the GUI working. Also how do I configure GRUB to...
  19. escape7

    longhorn gui on xp

    hey guys check this out, longhorn transformation pack, ur xp's gui will look like longhorn's. link : http://www.soft32.com/download_3720.html try it out
  20. sms_solver

    GUI Timeline (must see)

    I have found GUIdebook site, which is very good site! GUI Timeline Also See How Windows 1.01 Looks Windows 1.01 :wink: [/url]
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