1. J

    How do I Make Custome Windows 7 ISO?

    It is possible to make custom windows 7 Ultimate ISO? I would like to make ISO with Pre installed software Eg: SAP GUI 7.30, Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Chetan1991

    What's the best projector for ~20k

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a projector that can illuminate a small area (10 audience or so. It won't be dark either.) and display clear and crisp picture as it will be displaying Flash Professional whose GUI has lots of tiny icons and other elements. So, what models are available within Rs...
  3. A

    HP Desktop 7900 restore error - Red Screen FBI GUI error - Factory Restoration error

    We have a HP Desktop 7900 ( C2D, 2GB RAM) with preinstalled Vista Business 32 bit. It had a booting problem in normal mode, worked well in safe mode. The machine was in warranty period so contacted the HP service. They identified the problen in hard disk and replaced it with a fresh one. The...
  4. balakrish

    SSH to open GUI on target machine?

    Hi friend! I know -X -Y options in ssh for X11 forwarding.But these options open the gui apps on my pc.But I want to open a gui application "exactly" on target machine. So please help me with this.
  5. clmlbx

    How to build GUI in c++?

    Guys I have self learned I wish to make GUI for some programmes that I have written in it.. So guys pls tell me where to start... pls give step-by-step as I have no previous knowledge in it.. I learned c++ online and few good videos. I have never read any book. All tuts even books...
  6. nims11

    Digit Software Archive with GUI

    few weeks ago i posted my command line version (here) of digit software archive (YADSA). Now, using Qt, i have given it a GUI. its my first Qt project (and my first open source one too!!), so please suggest any possible improvements, bugs, feedback. in addition to GUI, i have updated the...
  7. nims11

    Yet Another Digit Software Archive

    I made my version of Digit Software archive which i call YADSA(Yet Another Digit Software Archive).(download link at the end of the post) The software archive range from may 2010 to june 2011 (digit has not provided the spreadsheets for the dvds of previous issues, which i used to generate the...
  8. A

    How to convert file to c#?

    I have a GUI application.How do i convert it to C#.I use vs 2005.
  9. M

    GUI Login screen is not coming by default in PC Linux OS

    Hi to all, My system configuration: Intel Core 2 duo processor 32-bit. Intel GM45 Express chipset family Intel Wi-fi link 5100 ATI Mobility Radeon 4570 4 GB RAM. Operating System : PC Linux OS 2010 KDE. When the first time i installed this Linux (PC Linux OS) everything was fine. Then at the...
  10. nims11

    want to learn GUI stuffs

    i want to learn about any GUI library which i can use to give GUI to my C/C++ programs. I don't want to go advanced and i will be happy with implementing simple GUIs. also i would prefer a library that i can use with other languages too as i will be learning java or python later this summer...
  11. nisargshah95

    How to boot Backtrack into GUI

    [SOLVED] How to boot Backtrack into GUI Hi guys, I'm using Ubuntu for a while and pretty familiar with linux. I burned a copy of backtrack into DVD and then ran it as a live CD. Every time I choose an option from the menu of live CD, it always leads me to the terminal. Can anyone tell me how do...
  12. nisargshah95

    How to boot any Linux live CD to CLI?

    Hi, I wanted to test some of the commands I learned for Linux operating systems, can you tell how can I directly boot into the Command Line Interface (not GUI) using a live CD of any linux OS? Thanks in advance!
  13. thetillian

    GUI Programming

    Hi guys i am studying in CSE and i had learned c++ but i want to know how to program GUI using c++ for windows and even linux platforms, i had googled my problem and i don't seem i had got correct answer so could please help me with it. Yeah i want to do some GUI programming for win7 and...
  14. A

    need oprating system with GUI to make live USB ..

    Hi guys ...i am new to linux so am gonna need ur help here i need a operating system to make a live usb for rescuing should have a nice gui and easy to understand......i need it to copy files from on partition to another from the hard disc (i once tried mandrive??? it didnt copy...
  15. soumya

    Operating System Interface Design Between 1981-2009

    A Graphical User Interface (GUI for short) allows users to interact with the computer hardware in a user friendly way. Over the years a range of GUI’s have been developed for different operating systems such as OS/2, Macintosh, Windowsamiga, Linux, Symbian OS, and more. We’ll be taking a...
  16. zegulas

    Why DOS programs in C/C++?

    Can we write programs in C and C++ which run like VB programs, I mean like with a proper GUI. Because in our syllabus all we are taught are programs which run in DOS, but I have heard that Linux was made using C programming language then how did they built the GUI?
  17. S

    shell scripting

    Is learning shell scripting in UNIX of any use (besides geekiness) as most of the distros are shipped with gui and what is the best source for learning shell scripting
  18. siddharthmakwana

    Can GUI be changed after installation...?

    I m new to linux :?: and had downloaded OpenSUSE with GNOME..... Can i change my gui from GNOME to KDE:?:after installing linux with GNOME:confused: or do i need to download OpenSUSE with KDE GUI separately......:(
  19. siddharthmakwana

    New to Open source....

    Hi there everone..... i am new to linux and would like to know which linux distro has the best GUI and what is the difference betwen linux CD and DVD....
  20. Faun

    pyQt or pyGTK or wxWidgets or QT ?

    Am still confused as to which one I select for making applications. Though I like pyGTK but then platform independence is not there completely. QT is platform independent bu IMO looks too fugly widowish GUI made for linux. Tell me what to use, or learning which one will encompass others too.
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