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  1. vignesh

    live cd

    i have tried a lot of live cds but i get a sync out of range error while booting into ythe gui .Can anyone tell what to do and how to make it ok.
  2. L

    debian linux on nov 2004 dvd

    hai i have problem in booting to gui mode on free bsd the os boots to text mode asks for username and password ,but not to gui. what to do . any solutions please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. B

    I want to get Bittorrent up and running

    I'm using PCQ linux. My problems 1) I dont know the version of python. It should be above 2.( If at all there is :) ) 2) Is there a GUI for bittorrent? 3) Should I d/l wxPython to get it running. 4) And finally plz give me some commands for bittorrent
  4. Manojap

    Eclipse-Java IDE

    :roll: How many people oout there Know about Eclipse. This is a cool IDE ffrom IBM too.It support code folding and grammar checking..It is a great help to the java lovers .It uses xml file to implement the GUI.U caan run both console and GUI programs.The IDE support listing of standerd...
  5. G

    WinRAR GUI Patch

    SentientPC from Nepwin along with Food has released a GUI Patch for WinRAR 3.4, it will make the WinRAR interface full of icandy icons ma de for WinRAR Go here for more info & download, 3.83 MB I talked to him, & If I get permission from Everaldo, I will with him release a Crystal Icon...
  6. G

    Will Apple's IMAC Survive in India Industry Standards ?

    Hey Guys ! I just wanna share something that must be interesting to you guys ! Well most of us use Pentium & AMD runnig Windows nor Lindows ! lol ! But what abt apple's I MAC ? I guess the Support for GUI is best in IMAC but i also found to be that Windows is user friendly ! But IMAC OS...
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