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  1. iMav

    Free GUI Based HTML editor needed?

    as the heading says, is there a GUI based HTML editor, I don't want something like dreamweaver or frontpage but something similar, not a text based 1, I am not gonna use it, have to give it to some 1
  2. kantiman

    How to clean trash in FC6

    I m using fedora core 6. I m having problem cleaning the files in trash and due to that the disk space has ran out and its now 0. Can u plz tell me how to clean trash. I have access to only command line and no GUI. I used these commands but it shows there is no trash directory at all. rm -rf...
  3. vikasg03

    How to install 98SE after install XP

    Hy Due to some personal requirement i want to install 98SE (outdated for now no doubt) . I currently have windows XP prof. edition of c drive of primary disk. I want to install win 98SE on new partion on another disk(secondry). But from GUI it doesn't allow me. it gives error like 'From xp...
  4. H

    Installing Language pack in Windows Vista Ultimate

    hi i download the Russian language pack for Windows Vista 2day.its a 145.8MB download and is a .exe file. after downloading i installed it.but even after changing all settings to Russian in Regional and Language Options' i'm not getting the Windows GUI in russian. if i type in notepad then i'm...
  5. Ecko

    Noob Linux User

    We'll i just thought of moving to Linux from Windows I need a liitle help Need a linux which requires no terminal commands (yes I'm fed up by terminal) A very very good & customizable GUI GUI for doing everything (ex configuring Internet Connection) A friend of mine reconed me OS PCLINUX What...
  6. CadCrazy

    Is there any GUI rar/zip software for Ubuntu

    Tell me any good GUI based rar/zip software for ubuntu.
  7. nileshgr


    How do i add noip2 to startup services? I tried editing /etc/serviceconf, also using system-config-services (GUI). GUI doesn't add. editing that file has no effect. Help plz. :)
  8. S

    linux help.

    i just installed ubuntu feisty fawn, when i start it with GRUB it starts with the GUI mode, but i would like it to start in command-line interface and from here i would like to login to my account to the GUI, what command should i use and how do i do this? and from where can i get a complete...
  9. gxsaurav

    Need help with JAVA GUI designing for mobile phones

    Ok, first of all, I m not a programmer so my knowledge of programming in JAVA is 0. What I have here is a JAVA based Yahoo messenger client application in .jar format, for my mobile phones K750i. The application works fine, but there are a few shortcomings in it such as UI for phones with...
  10. nileshgr

    Yum requires NET

    I recently installed FC-6 on my machine. It works well. I have removed Windows. When i try to install any package either using Yum GUI or TUI, it tries to obtain information about the pacakge from the NET. Why??? When i start Yum GUI, it gives an error saying "Cannot find a baseurl for repo...
  11. eddie

    Amarok 2 Development: Checkout proposed new GUI

    This week KDE.News reported about Amarok 2 in its series of articles on "The Road to KDE 4". The article talked about proposed new features for Amarok 2 that the developers are working on. The most interesting and very likeable changes that we may see in Amarok 2 are the proposed new GUI and...
  12. I

    Gui for C programs...

    Hi, My friend does C programming.But the programs work in a DOS environment.He wants a GUI for the program kinda like some buttons and empty spaces to enter the values,etc.What should he study now to get what he wants ?? VB ?? Thanks in advance.
  13. nileshgr

    How to build GUI apps?

    Guys, can you tell me how to build GUI apps for WIN with a programming lang. which similar to PHP, C++
  14. R

    BIOS setting from windows GUI, any software?

    Is there any such software where BIOS setting can be checked & chnaged within Windows GUI & if chnaged then it can save it & reboot the comp. ASUS BIOS update is one such utility which updates bios within windows, but that is only for flashing the bios.
  15. chesss

    command line tools for windows?

    Calling all command line lovers! Me is looking for sites/communities/forums dedicated to command-line tools on the windows platform. As I am switching from ubuntu to windows(for the time being) BUt I can't seem to find the command-line tools that I am looking for. Specifically I am...
  16. kirtan

    GUI Installation Manager For Linux

    Hello guys!!I'm quite a newbie to linux and have been trying to get familiarised with fedora core 4.I'm facing problems trying to install applications in linux.So i needed to know if there are any GUI Install mangers for linux and will they work with all distros.please give me the name of the...
  17. D


    can any body tell me What is the difference between Xwindows and other gui? and what is the advantage of xWindows? over windows manager or other gui?
  18. sridatta

    anyone plz suggest Free GUI Installer

    Hello all, Please suggest me some free installers for creating setup files.. It should have GUI because coding seems hectic. Ghost installer GUI version is not free and it displays a dialogue box saying that this setup was created by ghost studio. This type of ads shouldnot be present...
  19. kkg_mjh

    Help regarding GUI Tweek For XP (making vista)

    Friends i want to know any freeware available that will make MY COMPUTER like VISTA's my computer (that GUI Indiacating HDD space ) see here http://www.geekpedia.com/pics/VistaScreenshots/My%20Computer%20and%20Report%20tool.PNG
  20. techtronic

    Which Backup Software do u think has more market share ?

    The best backup software i have used till now is ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE Its really fast and doesnt keep switching between Windows and DOS for backup operation.Also the software has got the best GUI i have seen till now
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