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  • Thanx Dude! will surely tell you once the results are out and i take admission. I also have MSc. Chem from IIT-K in my mind but it depends on the rank
    That's great! Now I'm getting 211 in JEE which means ~5k rank so out of question. AIEEE was good and am expecting around 1500-2000 rank. Any suggestions? I'm thinking os CSc or Electronics. What do you suggest? I'm looking for southern NITs or IIIT-H. My friends are saying to take in any IIT i get but i'm more towards stream.
    Since you finished your 2sems, what do you feel? Branch or college?
    hi nims! i know you gave jee and eee last year, in 2011. I gave them this year. can you tell how much did you score and where did you finally take admission?
    Im really stressed out due to exam results and admission.
    R U interested in website designing and development............I have few sites for which i need someone to look after it...........interested then do reply.........
    hmm.. but tell me, AFAIK, getch() not only pauses the program, rather it requires 1 input, which i think system(pause); wont be able to do ? Using this functionality of getch(), a sample programme to see working of ATM's software is used. Correct me if i am wrong. And thnx for reply.
    Queries- *Since conio.h is no longer continued, so is getch() ? If yes, then what is the replacement for it? And what about other functions needing conio.h ?
    *So, turboC comes in those "old DOS compilers" ? Should i not use it ? If yes, then should i use MS VC++ ?
    Hey,since you're a fiitjee student,thought i'll tell you this trick.if you want to see anyone's fiitjee results,just log into your fiitjee performance report and then just change the roll no in the can access anyone's results.
    sorry for late reply dude!! I was in college and don't have any device to access internet there. For rank under 10k you should get above 200 marks. I got 9038 rank and 216 marks. AIEEE paper is not that much difficult as compared to JEE. It is easy. Only thing you require is speed. Getting 250 marks is not difficult. Best of Luck for tomorrow.
    yup got it!!!!

    AIEEE Helpline Numbers : 011-22236111, 12, 13, 14, 15 (Working Hours Mon-Sat, 09:30 to 17:30)

    postman had delivered at the wrong adress but thank god that man knew the importance of it and came to our house to gave it back

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