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Can GUI be changed after installation...?

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I m new to linux :?: and had downloaded OpenSUSE with GNOME.....
Can i change my gui from GNOME to KDE:?:after installing linux with GNOME:confused: or do i need to download OpenSUSE with KDE GUI separately......:(


is NOT a PC/Mac
When installing OpenSUSE, you can install both desktop environment simultaneously. After installation, you can select one of them.
When installing on my virtual drive using Mandriva Spring (CD image provided by digit in May), I was surprised to see that Xfce, Gnome as well as KDE were installed :O
Was really happy using them though :)


The OP has downloaded OpenSUSE with Gnome, that means live gnome cd
You will need a broadband connection to install these.

So to install KDE:

1. Press Alt and F2

2. Type
and press ENTER

3. Key in your password and press ENTER

4. Click on Software->Software Repositories, and enable the three repositories you see there, namely, OSS, non-OSS and updates. If they are already enabled skip this step.

5. Click on Software Management. When you open Software Management for the first time it will refresh the repositories. Wait for this to finish.

6. Click on Groups and change to Patterns as shown

7. Scroll and look for KDE 3 base system, select it, and click install

8. Do the same for KDE 3 Desktop

and click Apply

Now reboot your system, and at the login screen use the mouse to select your session type, and then login.

In case you auto-login after rebooting the system, then just logout and then change your session type, and then login again
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