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How to boot any Linux live CD to CLI?


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Hi, I wanted to test some of the commands I learned for Linux operating systems, can you tell how can I directly boot into the Command Line Interface (not GUI) using a live CD of any linux OS?
Thanks in advance!
When you are booted into the GUI press Ctrl+alt+f1 to drop to tty console in Ubuntu. Slackware and Arch and others(backtrack, phlak etc) linux start from shell itself and "startx" helps the user to shift to X-window . Why do you want to drop to shell when you have got bash in gui also, its the same thing? Type sudo bash and type password and enter as root and test whatever you want.


Alternately you can start terminal and start testing your commands! You can use
man "command name " without quotes to know more about the commands.


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I think addding "single" to the end of the boot line of GRUB will drop you to the shell.
Use "e" to edit the boot line.
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