1. bizzare_blue

    Files playing hide n seek

    My friend is facing a strange kind of prob...Wenever he copies some files frm one location to another..they get copied and he can access them frm there. But when the system is restarted, the files are not there bt get back to the original place....he formatted the windows partition n reinstalled...
  2. Dipen01

    !!! -- Acessing USB HDD formatted with NTFS in Win 98 !!!

    Hi guys, I am in a big problem.. :x I am using Win 98. I borrowed my friends 80 GB USB HDD. But i just came to know that its formatted with NTFS. So is there any software for Windows with the help of which i can access that USB HDD :? Its damn urgent...Pls let me know if theres any way out..
  3. B

    cant format G drive

    Hey geeks, When I click to my G drive it Gives me an error “The disk in drive G is not Formatted, Do you want to format it now.� When I click to yes it starts formatting but after ½ hour it gives an error that “windows was unable to complete the format� and says drive G cant be...
  4. D


    i use a bluetooth dongle with my n3230. few weeks back i re formatted my pc after that my pc didnt even powered the dongle. few days back i again formatted my pc, this time the dongle turns on but the system refuses to recognise the drivers and the dongle isnt showing up in the devise manager...
  5. mario_pant

    6600 SUCKS!!!

    recently i have been getting this strange error on my phone which disconnects my phonecalls and bugs me all the time.... no application i installed extra (eg. Fexplorer, SmartMovie, etc.) are working... i get this starnge error when i try to start the bluetooth: "unable to perform bluetooth...
  6. aditya1987

    Broke bootable XP Media Center CD. ::HELP::

    Hi Guys!! Recently I have broken my orignal bootable Windows XP Media Centre CD.I Made backup of the CD by copying all of the contents of the CD to harddisk. Now I have copied the entire content to the CD, But the cd does not boot. I have formatted the OS partition with DM. Now how can I...
  7. iinfi


    my friend has win98 SE running on his PC .... some guest came to his house and when he was away frm the PC that guest formatted the E: (this drive contains some critical files) OS is loaded in c: .... that guy apparently went to MyComputer .... rt clicked the e: drive and formatted...
  8. M

    Very serious problem, Please help me with this

    :( . Please Help me. I have a P4 computer with Intel board. I have installed windows XP operating system. The issue, the windows xp hangs as soon as it boots and enters the first screen. I have tried installing the Windows 2000 os also, same result. I have formatted my hard drive and also...
  9. ashu888ashu888

    HDD nightmares !! HELP !!! S.O.S

    Hi guys well my HDD recently was infected by the Blaster WORM virus :( so i now as i hv no choice but to format my HDD and reinstall a fresh copy of WIN-XP PROFESSIONAL EDITION. but i hv one querry, that i want to delete the partitions and make new partitions on my HDD but wenever i boot...
  10. Sourabh

    Playboy offers free pics for your PSP

    Playboy offers free pics for your PSP Owners of the new PlayStation Portable handheld video game player can now take adult magazine Playboy on the road with them--and they don't have to bother with the articles. The online arm of Playboy Enterprises on Wednesday said it will offer photo...
  11. T

    XP HDD problems

    i had this strange prob ... "*"> dunno wat to do... plz help if u have ne idea on it ... I have 2 HDD's 1. 20 GB 2. 80 GB on my 80 GB partitions are : 20 and 55 (5GB eaten up by the mfg) :P :P on my 20 GB...
  12. a_to_z123

    I formatted my Nokia 6670 :-(

    I recently bought anew Nokia 6670 and by mistake formatted the MMc Card within. Well to my utter disbelief, many softwares which came preloded wid it were gone. Whereas, I was just formatting it to delete pics & videos which I shot! So now I wanna know where can I get all those S/W back from...
  13. O

    booting problems for win 98

    i installed win98 from a bootable CD given by my friend.the installation is smooth, no problems.but after the splash screen is displayed, the message is shown: Windows Security error.Please Restart. this happens in normal mode. but the pc runs in safe mode. i even formatted the HD & then...
  14. ashisharya

    How Can Much I Can Format My PC?

    How Can Much I Can Format My PC :? bcz I got my pc formatted every WEEK!! :lol: By viruses :x I have to format my PC. Plz tell me how much can I format my pc??
  15. S

    A different error os XP

    I have win XP SP1 and when I run computer I get "File Protection Error" and it says to insert my XP CD on the drive. I had inserted CD for 3-4 hrs. Then also it gives the same error I have formatted my computer 4-5 times. Could any one give me permanent solution. Plz
  16. S


    i have a wierd friend uses a comp having windows 2000 NT...i wanted someting out of his comp and used a floppy...but when i tried to run it on my windows xp it said that the floppy is not formatted...i then formatted a floppy in xp and tried it again but still the same problem...
  17. S

    How to recover data from formatted CD RW?

    Please help me guys ............ I formatted my cd rw by mistake. I have done a quick format using the inbuilt Windows XP CD Erase Wizard.
  18. D

    Can I Recover Data From Formatted Hard Disk

    Hi, Wed Aug 11 2004, i lost my important accounting data which i have feeded in tally 4.5 i have simple machine IBM 486 , I HAVE FORMATTED HARD DISK AND RE LOAD ALL THE PROGRAMME WIN-95 ETC.. AS I REALISED NOW I HAVE NO BACKUP OF MY ACCOUNTING DATA CAN ANY BODY TELL ME IS IT POSSIBLE TO...
  19. N


    my friend has got a PS2 that is PAL formatted and he wants to format it to NTSC.can anyone tell where or which shop in india can you get a formatting disk.and is it also true that on an NTSC formatted PS2 you can play PAL games as well?
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