1. rhitwick

    Don't want to recover my data!!!

    Hi, guys. I've a 500GB Maxtor external drive. I've formatted from command prompt, using "Format" command. Then again formatted it by right clicking on its icon in MyComputer. After doing all these, how do I ensure that its content can't be recovered?
  2. sagnik_bose

    Heur Trojan

    i'm running a computer with winxp sp2 i have a 160gb hdd wid 2 partitions one with xp installed and d other contains my data.few days ago my com got infected with heur trjan none of the av coukd remove it so i formatted and reinstalled xp.but 2 my surprise wen i tried 2 install d softwares from...
  3. The Incredible

    2GB PenDrv showing only 49MB

    Recently from an old Digit DVD I turned my PD into a bootable device with DSL in it. The problem is when I formatted it, it ate up my PDs memory and my computer is only showing disk space of 49 MB. How could I get the lost memory back ?
  4. tanmoy_Siliguri

    Dual Boot Problem..plzzzzzz help

    Yesterday I bought WD320GB..I will dual boot it by XP & I already have a Seagete-160GB with XPSP2 my question is if i attach my old HDD(after its C drive formatted)..will it take automatically..or it will overlap with new HDD as these 2 will have same drive name...
  5. shyamno

    Problem With Windows XP Pro

    I am having a weired problem with my set up.My USB to serial cable,webcam ..or rather all USB products except pendrives are not being detected.Some products like webcam gets detected but the driver gives problem. I have formatted the system with various XP setups.During this only once ... all...
  6. happy17292

    directX9c not installing!

    i am having problem with Direct X9c , when i try to install it on my pc it installs and shows finish. when i check, direct X 9b is shown. i have updated my display drivers, even formatted and reinstalled XP. [Direct X 9c was working fine few months ago. before i formatted and installed XP as...
  7. sharma_atul85

    unable to install windows XP

    hello PC config is as below.. P4 2.66 Ghz 915 VIA chipset mobo 512 mB RAM Actually i had problem with my older samsung hard disk as it made some harsh noise while spinning. so i got it replaced with a brand new HDD from samsung service center model SP0802N 80 GB PATA on saturday.jan31...
  8. windchimes

    Trouble with USB HDD

    I have my old HDD converted to USB and have plenty of data in it. It was working fine..But for the last two days when I connect it to my PC or laptop it says - the disc has to be formatted with "do you want to do it now" options.What would be the problem? How can I get back all the data.. ?
  9. D

    Help!system wont boot!:-(

    On booting,after the POST screen,my friends laptop shows a blue screen & restarts.the error code is 0x0000007b. Windows doesnot detect the hdd.if i use a linux live cd(puppy linux),the drives do not cannot be formatted as setup says-no hdd is installed.his laptop make is hp...
  10. chanchalchatt

    Can i recover data from full formatted hdd

    My hdd is segate baracuda(250 GB),last week i did full format total hdd.I just want to know that Can i recover data from full formatted hdd? :pThanks in advanced:confused:
  11. thewisecrab

    boot.ini shows 3 entries

    Hi guyz i have a very basic doubt 2 yrs ago i formatted my My friend's pc due to excessive spyware i formatted c drive then and reinstalled XP on the same drive the same problem occured and he cleaned the infection and installed XP on d: now while booting , it shows 3 operating systems 1)...
  12. R

    How to find the sound driver?

    My cousin has got IBM thinkpad laptop...Since he had full of virus in it...I formatted his com....Now i dunno how to find the sound driver and graphics drivers for the laptop?..please any suggestions?
  13. chandru_skc

    recover windows vista boot loader

    hi i installed ubuntu on my harddisk with vista and xp preinstalled... as it happened i lost my vista boot loader after i formatted the linux drive... help me to recover my vista....
  14. T

    Weird Internet Problem.

    Some sites like, and Messengers (Yahoo,MSN, Gtalk) are not working anymore. First I thought it is a virus which by AV couldnt beat so I formatted and reinstlalled all but still same thing :confused: Has some one else faced similiar prob before with BSNL? If yes whats the...
  15. pritish_kul2

    Recovering data

    Is der any way to recover data wen u have already formatted the drive??/
  16. bluepearl

    page in nonpaged ?? XP installation

    Guys this one's new to me!! On my friend's PC, we formatted XP from C drive (FAT 32) using the bootable CD. The booting part of setup went well, drive was formatted to NTFS and setup files were copied. Problem started when setup restarted. It went to stage "Installing devices" and posed...
  17. K

    Windows XP giving me some prob

    hi frnds, I have problems about my sys. My windows gives me error @ Start up (after bootin) "windows/system32/config" I had formatted my HD but problem didnot solved. anybody has the sol.
  18. D

    Kingston USB Drive not formatting

    I got a Kingston Data Traveller 2.0 USB Drive (512 MB). few days ago my frend borrowed it from me and now it has become unaccessable. I cant open it, cant format it. If i check its properties it says RAW File system, when i try to open it, it pompts that drive is not formatted and when i click...
  19. C

    data lost drive formatted several times

    i have this 6.3 gb hdd in external casing, the drive contains important data, i need to recover. this drive is formatted several times. Pls suggest some software to do this.
  20. Ankush_is_here

    Recover Hard Disk Data <<Help Me>>

    My harddisk get formatted during window installation. And i want to recover my old data before formatted pls help me how i can recover my data pls pls Pls pls help me
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