1. M

    Help needed urgently

    Hi guys I own i5 based pc and I have faced a problem twice in last month. Whenever I connect memory card via a card reader , amidst the data transfer the card reader loses connectivity and show error message your card needs to be formatted to proceed. This has occured twice, I changed my card...
  2. R

    Weird Harddisk Problem

    I have 2TB WD (green, 3 yrs old) internal hard disk which I use as backup hdd. I use it as external usb drive.A year ago I backed up all my data (2TB full) in the hdd and kept it in safe place. I was using mac then so it was formatted for mac os. These days I don't use mac so a month ago I...
  3. P

    Need help

    When i connected my new 8GB memory card to computer which is running on Windows 7 starter through card reader it appeared as USB001 weighed 1kb although my memory card was filled with that weighed 7.4GB.The content is not appeared in my pops as it need to be formatted...
  4. speedyguy

    Advice: Warranty void on Rooting Android (Xperia)

    Hi, Need to know whether I would forfeit my warranty if I root my android device (Sony Xperia Ray) for avast! Anti-Theft Security. It's preferable to do that so even in case of mobile being stolen and formatted, we would have the anti-theft running. Please elaborate as I'm not too much...
  5. Shibaprasad

    Which format?(pendrive)

    My new Transcend 32GB pendrive isn't working properly when formatted in Fat32 file system. I am unable to transfer big ISO image or rar files, but when formatted in NTFS file system everything works fine. Does anyone know the reason? Is there any risk in formatting with NTFS?
  6. F

    Hard Disk Partition turned into Raw. Testdisk not working

    My PC was experiencing frequent lockups and hangs so the local technician formatted the c: drive and reinstalled windows on it. However, now I cannot access my F: drive as clicking on it says that the disk has not been formatted, and clicking properties shows it formatted as raw. Searching for...
  7. L

    someone help me please

    i am using kingston 4 GB pendrive. Last night i had saved some audio and videos on it. i accidentally formatted it. can someone please help me. those videos are important to me.
  8. S

    Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex

    I bought a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 320 GB external hard drive yesterday. When I connected it for the first time, everything seemed okay. When I tried to copy some files to it, the first ones were transferred smoothly. But on reconnecting the device, when I tried to copy some files, it showed...
  9. vaibhav23

    problem after formatting pc

    my friend had formatted his pc .he had 5 partitions on his hard disk. All the drives had been formatted other than D.Today all his drives are opening other than D.He scanned the drive.Now whenever he tries to open it the the Open With dialog box opens.Please help.
  10. T

    Formatted my most imp partition...Is there any hope?

    During re-installation of XP, somehow I formatted the partition in which I had a few movies, raw video, pics and lots of software. I did the quick format NTFS and installed XP. Plz tell me is there any hope to recover that partition? If yes then how...
  11. Zangetsu

    help needed to recover files...

    Hi all, I accidentally dropped my 40GB HDD from a height of 2.5feet.....& now the problem is it is detected on My Computer but i cant access it...whenever i double-click its "Drive G: is not formatted do u want to format?" but i cant format it coz i have my 17GB of data inside.can i...
  12. coolsunny

    Help recovering data, Cousin formatted a drive!!!

    Hi Guys, Please suggest a good free software to recover data from a drive which was formatted yesterday. lost 50GB. he put 8 gb data there.
  13. surinder

    Flash drive showing 2GB instead of 8G

    Guys I'm using Sandisk cruzer micro 8 Gb drive since a year ago few days back I had to use it as a HDD regenerator bootable drive so it may has been formatted in FAT by the software since then it is showing only 2GB working space instead of 8G so what to do please guide me. Thanks.
  14. K

    indian railways site is not open in any browser

    sir, kindly help me as i am unable to open site in my any explorer as firefox,opera or ie7 since 3 months and this problem is also with my another OS as windows 7 too, as i have duel boot one is xp and other is win7. i also checked my firewall settings and internet...
  15. rohitshubham

    pen drive has become curroupt

    hi my 8 gb kingston is not working . whenever i try to open open it , it says that the volume e: is curroupt and unreadable. it is not even getting formatted, kindly help
  16. mukul_rockstar

    formatting issues...

    since hdd's are magnetic platters, so will frequently formatting them will destroy them, if yes, how frequently they should be formatted:?::?::?:
  17. B

    Recover photos from formatted drive

    I had virus in my C drive so I formatted it . By mistake all my precious photos in MY DOCUMENT folder got lost. Now I have reloded XP.Please guide as to how can I recover my lost photos???:-o
  18. linardni

    explorer.exe terminating....system slow...

    My computer (Celeron 2.41 GHz, 256 MB RAM running Win-XP SP2) hangs very often whenever I double click My Documents, My Computer or Back button. On restarting, End Task window appears showing termination of explorer.exe program. I have formatted the PC for removal of virus, if any, but it's all...
  19. M

    HDD deleted data recovery..

    I have 4 partitions to my HDD. C: D: E: F: while formating PC i wrongly formatted F drive. all my data got erased on that drive.when I tried "Recova". software to recover deleted data it gave me below message: "The disk in drive G is not formatted" how should I recover my data..?
  20. P

    WD HDD Formatted, Which Data Recovery Vendor ?

    A friend of mine owns 1 TB SATA WD HDD purchased just 2 months back. It was major backup medium with lots of data. (Docs, pdf, photos, movies, songs) By mistake this 1 TB HDD was formatted & new windows XP was installed over it. It was purely a SATA cable connecting mistake. HDD was formatted...
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