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  1. C

    Need a wireless router

    Hello I need a wireless router to connect Internet using PC and laptop. There are two floors in my house i.e ground and 1st floor (1st floor is like a maala :| ) The distance between them is around 20 feets . If I keep the router on 1st floor (where my desktop is ) , will the net work...
  2. yomanabhi

    How I can setup lan b/w 2 pc?

    Hey Guys i want to connect my 2 PCs, for file sharing , lan gaming etc.. I Have 2 PCs, First one on ground floor with internet connection of Bsnl Broadband (modem have not Wifi) Another one on First Floor without internet connection, but it have one spare useless (but working) modem...
  3. K

    I need a wireless-G router with in 1500/- to share my 10Mbps Internet connection

    Hi Friends I am searching for a wireless G router with in 1500/- range. Please suggest me some models. My usage etc details are as below. Wired usage: My friend lives in the ground floor and me in 1st floor and My room is right above his room. We are planning to buy a router and share my...
  4. Y

    2 Networks 2 Isps -How to connect for LAN

    We have hathway internet connection in one room and in second floor room (Friends) is reliance. We want to connect through LAN for our working needs. We already have cable line from 1st floor to second floor. I need some geek support. Can any one solve my problem. I am not great networking...
  5. hansraj

    One of the funny sites!!!!

    Hey guys I came across this funny site with these weird experiences and even more strange way of expressing it....... I was rolling on floor.... http://www.indianlisteroid.com/27,0,the-need.html
  6. Anubis

    PC Hardware Service Centers in Kolkata

    Zion Abacus Peripherals Bentink Street (beside Orient Cinema) Phone: (033) 3293 2099 Proview CE-171,Sec-1 Salt Lake City Phone: (033) 2321 5742 / 3259 8592 HP (laptop & scanner) 1, Loudan Street, 1st Floor,Vikash Bldg. Phone: (033) 2281 5097 / 3895 / 3897 / 3901 Toll free...
  7. Pranav Prakash

    Tomb Raider annevrsery-Level peru

    In the city of Vilcabamba, where there are water canals and lara had to open a door by going to the top floor, how did u open the door. I mean to say that i had reached the top floor for unlocking one of the two doors but I am not able to reach on the top of other floor. I had also uploaded my...
  8. gauravsuneja

    what wifi router to buy?

    hey i went to the market and found so many routers for wifi but couldn't decide my problem is my budget is rs1500-2000 and i want a wifi which can cross one floor to another i have airtel broadband on 1st floor and iphone and laptop on ground will netgear basic model wv614 wil do that...
  9. B

    time pass question

    an IT person falling from the high floor asking for a help wat wud b that word for help???:eek:
  10. mikeon

    Wi Fi range query

    i wanted to know if a wi fi signal will be strong if my wi fi router is situated on the ground floor of my house and I'm accessing files from my desktop (which is connected via ethernet to the router below),surfing the net on my laptop in the room above... will it spread across to the top from...
  11. krazzy

    Is God an Alien?

    Please Read This. Reading some of the facts that the writer has stated made my jaw drop hard enough to crack the floor. I thought I should share it with you guys. Read it and reply what you think about it.
  12. S

    FS: D-link Cat5e Cable

    I have 2 months used 45 metre D-link CAT 5e one stretch. It was laid out from my home's ground floor to 3rd floor room .... its in excellent condition and working .... any one interested PM u r price quote
  13. M

    How 2 connect 2 lappy with one dataone connection(H500)..

    plz help/ /i am in 1st floor// my frnd in 3rd floor.. i am taking Dataone BB.. and my frnd want 2 share.. .how 2 do it.. and what will be d cost..??? nd we both want 2 access net at d same time...
  14. bluepearl

    bluetooth Counter Strike

    we r having CS competition at third floor of our college we want to display HLTV broadcast of the same at parking lot we can not afford to use 50mtrs of CAT cable can bluetooth dongle support live broadcast on projector kept at ground floor? is there any other way to do this ??
  15. entrana

    Serious Wet Floor Sign

    it so funny i even set it as my avatar Serious Wet Floor Caution Sign. You don`t even want to go near this wet floor.
  16. Gigacore

    Can anyone Troubleshoot my Laptop please.

    Here is my laptop that just fell from 10th floor, Can u fix it? :-D lol
  17. S

    Network with Wired+Wireless combined.

    Network doubt Hi, At my dad's office, there are about 20 desktop computers and two laptops. Half of these are in First Floor and half are in ground floor. They are currently connected by a Wired LAN using three switches. Now, we are purchasing three new computers and additional wiring for...
  18. dOm1naTOr

    How Lan two PC

    Ive two PC one on groung floor nd second in 1st floor. Ive an broadband connection too in one of the PC which connects to PC using RJ45 pin. I want a LAN such that net should be available in both the PC nd simultaneous ly I should work in LAN. I would connect only 2 PC. SO what components/cables...
  19. H

    can I place my cabinet under the table( on the floor)

    I have ordinary table to run my desktop . so can I place my cabinet under the table( on the floor)? :twisted:
  20. D

    How to connect to computer to share files?

    I have 2 computer in my house, one in ground floor and another in the first floor. I want to connect these two computer to share file. I have 10/100Mbps LAN port on both computers. Please tell me how to setup LAn conncection.
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