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  • i will sell it once i get my dell studio so will let u knw once its on sale, currently am not selling it atleast for the next two weeks, :)
    How about CM EP 600W, dealer is quoting me 3.6k for it. Will it be able to handle newer graphics card ?
    I dont use dedicated graphics card but have 4 HDDs. C2D E6300, 2GB 800MHz Transcend RAM etc.

    I may like to use cards like HD 4850 later, no overclocking or SLI.
    hei man..u from kottayam?saw ur postings in ep630 headfone thread.wats ur openion?we get genuine peice in ktm?
    hey dOm1naTOrominator,

    plz help me.... I am purchsing XPS 1530 under EPP with the help of one of my friend..

    DELL sales person is asking additional 500 bucks for crimson red color..Was this the same case with u or not..?
    Lol, I'm not in any sort of misery/ban.........I'm completely fine........Its just my **Title**.....:lol:

    Anyways, I want to stay away from thread because Extreme Vegetarians will not understand what I want to say. I just want to say that eating involves loss of life whether eating non-veg food or veg food.......Nothing more than that.
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