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  1. R

    need to set up a large network, need help

    okay, so the scenario is something like this... my dad owns a hospital and wants me to fix a severe networking problem as he can't find any professional who can do it for him. the current setup is some thing like this: - there are three floors, the bottom two have a lot of walls and computers...
  2. A

    Should i buy KILLING FLOOR?

    The game is available for free play for 1 more day. I installed and i am playing it from 2 hours! It's very fun and addicting! But i dont get good pings in servers but its tolerable! I already have L4d2 but havent downloaded it yet! [13gb lol] Is l4d2 > killing floor? Are they same...
  3. TheHumanBot

    Increasing Range Of Wi-Fi & Buying New Router/Device?

    Hello, I am using BSNL Internet on D-Link DSL-2730U Router which is configured to connect on laptop/mac & guest devices like phones ipads etc.. its a 3 floor building and router is placed on 2nd floor inside a room. so when i am on 3rd floor wi-fi signal are very very low or most of the time...
  4. yomanabhi

    Help me ?...buying wifi routor+ modem

    I have only 1% knowledge in this Section :-? Friends.... First i don't know difference in b/w router and modem... . . I have wifi enabled phones and tablet.. I have 2 pc, one on ground floor and another on first floor.. Ground floor one is connected to internet (boardband) Bsnl 750...
  5. P

    Router - Coverage 2 Floors?

    Hi, I have two Airtel Broadband connections at home. One running with Linksys WRT-54G on 1st Floor & other with TP-Link MR3420 on ground floor. WRT-54G does the job well with decent coverage on the ground floor as well. Whereas TP-Link even fails to cover the whole of ground floor forget...
  6. masterkd

    Help required for WiFi router

    I need to buy an WiFi router for my Alliance Broadband (local) connection. Budget: Rs. 3000 max Requirements: The router needs to cover around 1000 sq feet house single floor. Like to have a gigabit and N router Please suggest me some models. I was thinking to go for...
  7. S

    High Speed and High Range Router needed

    I currently have a Belkin N300 Surf Router Belkin Basic Surf (N300) Router: Flipkart.com I have 3 computer connected with LAN cables and the remaining 4 are connected through wifi. The router is on the 2nd floor where all the 3 computers are attached with LAN cables. There are 2 PC and 2...
  8. E

    need a wifi router under 3k

    hey guys i need a wifi router.i will use this router with my bsnl broadband and my digisol adsl modem.this router should be able to cover an area of 50 feet(actually there are two floors.on first floor it should cover about 25 feet with multiple walls and the distance to second floor is 50...
  9. V

    Yamaha floor speakers.

    Hey people. Looking for good quality Yamaha floor speakers. Possibly 2.1, cause I'm very lazy to set up the rear left and right speakers, with all the wiring -_-. Also, I'm in Chennai and would like to have a first hand experience before buying the actual product. Budget is Rs. 25,000(Max)...
  10. P

    LAN issues

    HellO! I recently assembled a desktop and i now face networking issues... my router is in first floor my desktop has a N150 wifi PCI card It is getting connected to the router (my desktop is in 2nd floor) but Net is too slow! :( now my desktop is in 1st floor and the connectivty...
  11. dan4u

    Need wireless router with LONG range!!

    At first I had a Belkin wireless G router, the area that needed to be covered was 4000-4500 sqft, the belkin did good on the ground floor but in a room on the second floor (my room) the signal quality goes down drastically, the connection gets dropped often and I have to angle my laptop in...
  12. bajaj151

    Urgent : Basic Wifi Router

    I need a basic Wifi router for connectivity in Ground Floor and 1st floor (Distance : 10ft) Budget : Cheapest possible Shortlisted : TP-LINK 150Mbps Wireless N White | Router | Flipkart.com
  13. D

    DSL Router to Fibre Optic Duplex System?

    Hi all, I'd like to get your advice on a little situation our church has. To give you a rundown of the situation, we're located in a mall, in 3 very distant locations. Our church service is held at the 5th floor and we have 2 offices at the 4th floor. Think east and west and the church...
  14. mikeyaxe

    BEst Wifii Router without Modem?? @3.2K budget

    Guys could you help me out in finding the best wifii router with regards to range, sumthing that would cover atleast 2storeys of a building with good signal? pretty noob when it comes to networking, but so far have choosen Asus RT-N13U, and TP-LINK 300Mbps Wireless N Router White | Router |...
  15. V

    Best adsl modem router under 2500rs.

    hEllo guyz!! i want to purchase a good modem+router for my home,3 floor 3bhk. i will keep the modem on the first floor. i have shortlisted some of them,as follows:- D-Link dsl 2750u Belkin N150 TP-Link TD-w8961nd. plz suggest me the best one. if any other model is better than all of them...
  16. S

    ADSL Router query - PLEASE HELP

    I have an Airtel broadband connection and want to use an ADSL Router to use my lappy anywhere from my home. Requirement : 4 rooms on ground floor, and may be in future will use it on 1st and 2nd floor as well. Need good range. After doing a lot of research I shortlisted DLINK 2750 (Rs...
  17. A

    Help me setup a wireless home guys!

    Hi, its been a long long time since I have been here on TDF...Anyway, I want to make my home wireless now and because I don't really know much about it, I would love it if you guys could help me out. What I basically want to do is to be able to share a single internet connection (and maybe even...
  18. P

    Wifi Router for Xbox Live

    Hi guys, i need a good range router for my 2 floor house and which work fine with xbox
  19. V

    Wifi Router and series connection of router with USB port

    I have a series of questions so please help me out a bit guys 1. I want to buy a router around Rs 2000. 2. I have a Dlink DIR-300 router in my ground floor from which I have drawn a cable to the first floor through which i use my desktop computer. I have a laptop which i also use for which...
  20. braindead

    Sound from unknown source(devil's?)

    After a wifi router has been installed on the first floor, the resident on the ground floor are hearing a sound in their living room. I checked and the sound seems to come from any of the following 1. Lcd tv 2. Dvd player 3. Radio Tired unplugging the wires but the sound still comes. Cant...
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