1. S

    Archer C20i vs Archer C20

    Im living in a 1BHK flat on the top floor. I was currently using Netgear JNR1010 N150 for the past 5 years which started giving me trouble recently. I have around 8-10 devices which are always connected to the router. I have also made my desktop system as my media server. After a lot...
  2. S

    D-Link DIR-816 or TP-Link Archer C20 AC750

    I want to buy router for my home. There are ground and 1st floor and i want a good coverage on both floors. I have dir-600l but its is not able to provide signal to the ground floor. I want 1gigabit wan router but they are above my budget of 2.5k.
  3. D

    Home Network Problem

    Im going to move to a new two storied house. I want to put the land line on the ground floor and modem/router(BSNL Broadband) on the first floor. Is there any easy ways to do that?. Guys please help me out ( sorry for my bad english)
  4. G

    Extending wifi range?

    Hello, to all of you, I got a new connection of broadband, the ISP provided a CISCO DPC-3825 Modem for usage, its wifi coverage is very much limited, it only provides WIFI on first floor, I want to extend its capability to ground floor as well as to second floor, please advice which device...
  5. hari1

    Suggest an ADSL+WAN+USB router

    Please suggest a cheap ADSL+WAN+USB router. I want to use the USB port to tether internet from my phone to get wifi in the entire house(mainly for using Jio 4G). I searched for it and got this router TENDA-TE-D303-Wireless-ADSL2-Modem-Router. But there is no guarantee phone tethering over USB...
  6. kool

    How to extend WIFI signal to 2 flats on same floor ? Help me !!

    Hi guys, I am using BSNL broadband with Siemens modem + TPLink WR740N wifi router in my flat. I have also other flat at the same floor but distance is 40-50 feet from my flat. I think buying LAN cable gonna cost me more and also not suitable for wiring. In a row there are 3 flats. and my...
  7. K

    Please guide me to build home music/theater system

    Hi Everyone, till this date I was very happy with my Sony MHC-GN88D 5.2 hi-fi system (http://forum.digit.in/qna-read-only/9097-sonys-mhc-gn88d-dvd-component-system.html). But few months back the amplifier gave up and one of the front subwoofer's diaphragm is gone due to a little creature who was...
  8. jaimin100

    Need help on wifi router

    Dear mates, i have tp link w720N wifi router which has no antenna feature in it. i m not able to find even 1 signal in 1st floor of my home. can u tell me which other router is good?
  9. quagmire

    Recommend a Wifi Repeater under 1k

    Hi guys, I'm using a TP-LINK TL-WR740N wifi router for 1200sq ft house. I get atleast -80dBm (2 bars in the indicator) in the floor the router is. But I get only 1 bar or -90dBm in the floor below. I want to connect a Chromecast to a TV which in the floor below, so I need a repeater. Should...
  10. B

    Wi-Fi Hotspot or any other device

    Hi Guys My friend has a joint family. In his home the wi-fi router is located in a room which is on the first floor. Now the range of the router does not reach the ground floor. Except using an expensive router which covers more vicinity, is there any kind of device/s which can create Wi-Fi...
  11. G

    Wifi Modem - Router for Two Storey House?

    Hello, to all of you. Someone my known is currently using a wifi Modem+router TP-LINK TD-W8151N with BSNL broadband connection, but its wifi range is only on one floor, they need a router that have range of alteast on two floors, Please suggest some good wifi branded modem+router.Thank you...
  12. G

    Buying a wifi modem router? - please advice.

    Hello, to all of you. Someone my known is currently using a wifi Modem+router TP-LINK TD-W8151N with BSNL broadband connection, but its wifi range is only on one floor, they need a router that have range of alteast on two floors, Please suggest some good wifi branded modem+router.Thank you...
  13. K

    Requirement for a solid Wireless network around my Big house!

    Questionnaire : 1.ISP :Local Fiber Optic Network(Nettech) 2.Plan : 2 Mbps till 20 GB;512 Kbps post FUP 3.Connection Type: Wan port cable internet! 4.Area of house: 4000 sq.ft * 3 storeys At least need coverage on top 2 floor! Ground floor is unused! 5.Budget :₹5k + 1k...
  14. Desmond

    Killing Floor 2 Discussion

    That's right. Killing Floor 2 has been announced. Source : http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/05/08/killing-floor-2-exclusive-first-look-co-op-fps-horror-with-the-most-advanced-gore-system-ever/
  15. jak3072

    Range externder

    Hey ppl pls suggest a range extender. My budget can go from 2-4 max. The range should be enough to cover one floor & one floor only. thanks
  16. sushovan

    Suggest Router for Cable Broadband

    Hi! I have been using Alliance Cable Broadband(West Bengal) for a while and now Im looking for a router to share the PC connection with my 2 mobiles and a laptop. The PC in which the main lan cable is connected is in ground floor and the laptop and mobiles will be in the above floor. Please...
  17. F

    Wireless Router(s) for BSNL Boradband for two storey building

    Ground floor : three rooms (L-shape) (3 laptops,4 mobile phone) First floor : three rooms (L-shape) (6 laptop, 7 mobile phone) Total : 11 partners Usage : Internet Surfing My plan : ADSL router for first floor(more devices) and connect this router to simple router(less devices) on...
  18. F

    Concerned about signal strength

    I recently purchased this: http://www.flipkart.com/d-link-dsl-2750u-wireless-n-adsl2-4-port-wi-fi-router/ as i migrated from mtnl too airtel with a 4Mbps plan (i exceeded my download limit so the speed is 0.59Mbps, if that matters) and installed inSSIDer Home on my laptop to check for a weak...
  19. D

    needed help regarding home landline network

    hello all i live in bangalore its a 2floor building ,i use bsnl landline ,i needed to know how to interconnect two landlines together i.e one at ground floor and one at 1st floor and when i need to call the person in 1st floor from the phone which is in ground floor without using bsnl resources
  20. kunalht

    want to buy wi-fi router under 2000...

    Please suggest a good wi-fi router under 2000. I want to buy router with two antennas. I am thinking to buy this http://www.flipkart.com/tp-link-tl-wr841n-300mbps-wireless-n-router/p/itmd7hn9cw5y3h3k?pid=RTRD7HN3JJYF6WN2 I am using BSNL internet. also tell me can i use two modem in 1...
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