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  1. O

    # Siri Works ONLY with iPhone 4S!

    Its really bad,.........if you have 4S,then only Siri will work Will Jailbreak bring Siri to iphone 4 & 3GS is a million-dollar query! "Siri is crazy. Being able to talk to your phone like a real person is the stuff of Sci-Fi. Here's the catch: You won't be able to use it unless...
  2. A

    suggest a digital Camera for 6.5K

    i am planing to buy a Digital Camera, BUDGET : 6500K or LESS REQUIREMENT : Basic Photography with high clarity. Battery Type: Lithium ION Battery Preferable : Nikon or Canon. Please tell me what imp features to focus on, in a digital camera ??? please suggest the best value for...
  3. meetdilip

    Better Windows 7 search

    hi, the Windows 7 search is very unattractive and almost no options to customize. Any ways to get a search tool which gives at least features of XP search ? Thanks.
  4. Desmond

    Need laptop for family...Budget 45-50k

    Guys, I need a laptop for my family (Parents and sister). Features I need are good battery life, if not better. Good display, preferably 1080p. Good sound, etc. All the usual features. Discrete graphics not a priority, but just good enough to support casual gaming and viewing HD movies. Prefered...
  5. socrates

    Hints for new Google+ updates spotted in site's codes

    Google's latest social networking experiment, Google+, is set for another series of updates. Hints of the new updates were spotted by a code junkie named Matt Mastracci, who was then trying to gain an early access to Google+'s new circle sharing feature and inadvertently came across what is...
  6. M

    DVD Player??

    Guyz.. Do any one have experience with local DVD player?? Which one is good?(With Full features)
  7. the.kaushik

    All About Windows 8 | Includes link for download and some funky stuffs

    Guys I have seriously became fan of windows 8 after downloading the developer edition. You can get it here(Try the 2nd link if you are not a developer): Windows Metro Style Apps Developer Downloads Few interstings posts which i got over internet and wanted to share. Here is a list of 300+...
  8. P

    Gaming Rig for 60K -- Require a little adjustment

    Guys, I have finalized the below Rig but would like to cut short few bux where ever possible - Component|Make|Price Processor|Intel Core i5 2500k|10500 Motherboard|Asus Z68 Chipset Intel Motherboard - Model P8Z68-V PRO|12500 RAM|Gskill Ripjaws X F3-12800CL9S-4GBXL|1600 Graphic Card|MSI R6950...
  9. D

    Which one to buy: HTC Chacha or E6 or Wave II

    I want to buy a phone having good internet features and documents features, camera doesnt matter, Interface should be excellent . overall it should be good package. my personal preference is HTC Chacha. Please Suggest me the perfect phone
  10. T

    Gigabyte 990xa-ud3 / 990fxa-ud5 ?

    Pals planning to buy from the 2 mobos I'll never sli my board. So which is worth buyin. As I have read fxa just has sli features. So should I buy Xa mobo? Help needed. Goin to place order today so needed urgent help Thanx Angel
  11. G

    Laptop Under 24k?

    So far below laptops which i have come up with hp dm1 series [3014-au] http://www.letsbuy.com/hp-pavilion-dm1-series-entertainment-laptop--dm13014au-black-p-22236 Samsung rv513 Buy Samsung R Series Laptop NP-RV513-A01IN (Dual Tone Silver Black) at Best Price in India - Also find...
  12. S

    What to Choose HP G-Series or Dell Inspiron 15R

    Hi, The entry of the new HP budget G-series has rattled the market and also confused me.I was initially rooting for Dell. But when I saw the HP series , I dont know what to do. Well HP G-Series Model g6-1118tx Main Features Proc : Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Ram : 4 GB Screen : 15 " HDD ...
  13. anarchy0x

    speakers for about 1k

    any good speakers available for that price? also besides the number of speakers, what better features am I looking for when i go higher than the 1k range? Thanks
  14. bajaj151

    Mousepad for mx518

    Budget: Max. 1k 1) Buy Razer Goliathus-Fragged Omega Mouse Pad-Control ( 270mm x 215mm x 4mm) at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews Price after discount: Rs. 407 2) Buy Razer Goliathus-Fragged Omega Mouse Pad-Control ( 270mm x 215mm x 4mm) at...
  15. K

    Disabling how?

    Hi Guys, There are two features in Microsoft office professional 2003. One is we can do anything with internet connection in Microsoft word and the other is automatic updating. I want the two features disabled. How to do that. Can I disable Microsoft office professional 2003 from working...
  16. Blue Ripazah

    Samsung Galaxy Ace

    hi ....i have a budget of rs 15k for an android phone and need it for gaming and good features is galaxy ace the right choice.....can any one give me the pro"s and Con"s for this fone
  17. Neo

    Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

    Make no mistake, Microsoft isn't playing coy in the smartphone market any longer. The folks in Redmond are making a significant jump forward in the mobile arena, announcing that the upcoming version of Windows Phone, codenamed "Mango," will be heading to a device near you in time for the...
  18. K

    Building a firewall from scratch

    Hi Guys! I am trying to develop a firewall from scratch in linux environment using C. Actually its more of a Unified Threat Management sysytem .I need some help in deciding which features to include like antispam, content filtering, vulnerability analyzing,etc. I have exactly 1 year to complete...
  19. sujoyp

    Any custom ROM for 5800

    Friends anybody uses custom ROM for 5800. I am bored with its interface and will get a new handset in Diwali...but for now all the features should work on that ROM.:smile: Please Suggest??
  20. M

    Any mobile have Features like N70

    Hello, I was using Nokia N70 for last two years, but i dont know how it encounter an problem and the phone is dead now, i sold it. Now i have a new phone from Samsung, but i want to know is there any mobile phone which has the same features like N70, i really liked that phone, and now it is...
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