1. ssk_the_gr8

    Opera 11 is out!

    so here's the final release...with many new features check it out V7jC1j9Is6o Choose Opera - Spreading Opera goodness Opera Features Information Download Opera 11
  2. abhidev

    Android 2.3

    Guys there's gonna be an update for the Android 2.2 to 2.3. The Android 2.3 platform introduces many new and exciting features for users and developers. This document provides a glimpse at some of the new features and technologies in Android 2.3. New User Features New Developer Features...
  3. S

    Best smartphones under Rs 20,000

    Hi, I am planning to buy a new smart phone for myself. But unfortunately as there are lots in the market, Im a bit confused with which I should go for. If I like the mobile, its price might be high, or if the price is in my range, it might not have enough features. I am mainly interested in...
  4. The Sorcerer

    ASUS Introduces New Technology in Global Series of Technical Seminars

    Just got a mail from Asus India: ASUS Introduces New Technology in Global Series of Technical Seminars Great opportunity for media around the world to experience and understand the latest innovations and standards in PC technology
  5. sharma_atul85

    Samsung Galaxy 5 or 3 or Nokia 5530 or u suggest please ?

    Hi everyone ! I am looking to buy a phone with "3G and wifi" and all the other features which comes along; although not much stress on other features and Yes within 10K. I came across Samsung Galxy 5. It looks attractive but dnt have info how android behaves ? then comes in mind the Nokia...
  6. ritesh.techie

    7 Best Features Of Windows Phone 7

    The goal for Microsoft’s latest smartphone is an ambitious one: to deliver a phone that truly integrates the things people really want to do, puts those things right in front of them, and either lets them get finished quickly or immerses them in the experience they were seeking. Apart from...
  7. koolent

    A camera With all features but except a camera.

    Help Hi,I Need A mobile phone which has all features like: i)An Audio player ii)Fm Radio iii)blue tooth etc........... all features a cell phone can have but--> Just 1 thing --->Not a Camera please My Budget is abt...
  8. M

    Portable Laptops

    Kindly suggest business laptop, my req are 13 or 14 inch, weight 1.5 to 2 kg, with or without optical drive, 2GB RAM 320 HDD and other regular features. Thanks
  9. S

    BudgetCare app - track your personal expenses easily!

    BudgetCare 2.0 is available on AppStore now! BudgetCare is useful, very simple and easy to use application for tracking your personal expenses. BudgetCare has excellent and intuitive user interface and provides powerful features of showing statistics with diagrams and pie charts...
  10. nisargshah95

    A mobile under Rs.10,000 with following features.

    Hi, I am looking for a mobile under the price tag of Rs.10,000 with the following features - 1 - Long battery life (At least 24 hrs, high priority) 2 - Touchscreen (If possible) 3 - From renowned brand (preferably Nokia) 4 - Bluetooth 5 - Not too large (not blackberry type) 6 - Supports...
  11. NewsBytes

    Facebook introduces onetime password and remote logout features

    Facebook has introduced two new security features, what it hopes will make users feel more secure: Onetime Passwords, and Remote Logout. As always, through the many iterations of Facebook’s security features and policies, just how secure Facebook is depends a lot on just how secure the...
  12. J

    32" LCD TV - Toshiba or AOC?

    I wish to buy a LCD this Diwali without burning a hole in my pocket (actually this is an important part). ebay has 2 deals on these LCDs- 1.Toshiba 32AV700 - 22K 2. AOC L32DK99U - 20K Features for both are almost equivalent, plz chk features thru the hyperlinked name. Both have free...
  13. leo61611616

    Google TV Gets an Official Website

    Google gave a glimpse of the upcoming Google TV, in a blog post today and has also put up an official Google TV Website. The website shows off lot of great features and abilities of Google TV. Google has provided a list of content providers for Google TV which has big names like Turner...
  14. leo61611616

    Facebook Gets High-Resolution Photos, New Photo Viewer And More

    Facebook has announced that starting today they will be rolling out new features like support for high-resolution photos, a new photo viewer, bulk tagging and easy uploading features to their Photos product. Read More Here
  15. echoplxx

    Preview + Feedback [October 2010]

    Quick Content List Bazaar Mini - Digit now reviews all the latest products in the market World View - Best tech articles from around the world Fast Track to Word Press Stop before you Shop – We clear the buy or not to buy dilemma Mindware DVD – Video Lectures and webinar, Work Tools...
  16. pritish_kul2

    Logitech Attack 3 or Extreme 3D Pro

    Hey guys, I am thinking of buying a joystick So I have 2 options - Attack 3 or Extreme 3D Pro Which one of the two would you recommend and what is the difference between the two in terms of features and cost? My need is to just play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Thanks.
  17. kool

    I want to buy TV. Budget Rs.10k, m bored with 14" TV from last 9 year

    Hi friends, i want to buy a TV for my home. From last 9 years i'm watching programs on my old 14" color TV (BPL) [:(] Now i want to change to any 21" slim TV. My budget is Rs. 10,000 and please clarify me that what are these things in TV like LED, LCD, SLIM tv..? Many people says that LCD TV...
  18. P

    Get Instant Free Cpanel Hosting Account

    I have started a Free webhosting company and well I didnt know where to post about it on the forum. Thought other people might find it useful. So admins & Mods, if this is not the place for the thread or if its inappropriate, dont ban me. :) 100% free Cpanel Hosting and Get It Instant.Post 2...
  19. Rahim

    Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” frozen

    Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” frozen August 6th, 2010 In this very moment, during the ongoing annual Debian Developer Conference "Debconf10" in New York, Debian's release managers have announced a major step in the development cycle of the upcoming stable release Debian 6.0 “Squeeze”: Debian...
  20. topgear

    Cooler Master Elite 430/431 Discussion Thread

    Just bought a Cooler Master Elite 430 which is a very good VFM cabinet. I bought it @ 2850 exclusive of all taxes though you may find it around 2.7k Cm Elite 430 : Here' the spec details : Elite 430 Black - Cooler Master Cm Elite 431 ...
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