1. A

    help me in deciding a tablet pc

    tablet pc available in INDIA I want a good convertible type touchscreen tablet pc below 70k rs. Also tell me what options i have in netbook tablets. i would prefer an optical drive in netbook. tell me what options are available at nehru place and at what price??? If it is linux based then...
  2. B

    Good phone under 20k

    Kindly suggest me a smartphone with best multimedia capability under 20k. Mandatory Requirements and Preferences 1. Capacitative Touch screen 2 3G 3. Large Screen - 3'' to 4'' 4. GPS - View and Download maps. 5. Camera - With Flash and video recording. 6. FM,Java,Wifi,USB and...
  3. echoplxx

    Preview + Feedback [August 2010]

    Quick Content List Digit Magazine – Independence Day Special Fast Track to CSS 7 Tech Innovations India Needs Become a part of Tech Kranti (Details inside magazine) Windows 8 Revealed? Features we'd like to see in the next version Mindware and Playware DVDs Features in the...
  4. darnee

    Suggestions Required for new TV

    I want to buy a new TV preferable a 32" LCD. I like the Sony Bravia series. But as I don't know much about other brands I would like some suggestions. My Budget is around 35,000. I have looked at the Bravia KLV32BX300 and like its features.
  5. R

    Need help in buying DVD player

    Hi, I am planing to buy a DVD player for my 29inch PhilipsCTV. The player should play avi, mpg, RM video formats. 5.1 channel support with DTS surround sound. USB( need portable USB HDD support if any brand has) I have found 2 model in philips which has above features except 3 or 4 features...
  6. NewsBytes

    Knoppix 6.2

    Knoppix starts off as a straight forward Live CD distro that boots from a very basic text interface. The LiveCD component shows up all of its features in the form of text based menus. It has quite a few features but the way it’s presented, it looks like something from the late 90s. For...
  7. T

    difference between 5230 nuron and Xressmusic

    I read in web that nokia has launched nokia 5230 nuron.What is the difference between it and XM.In case of features and price.Plz help me out as i am interseted to buy.
  8. NoasArcAngel

    Help asap !!

    guys i really need some help deciding a good low cost handset.. for my grandpa.. requirements.. 1. not too expensive.... upto 3.5k not above that 2. big screen like 2 inches 3. big and bold display low resolution 4. colour screen 5. sturdy built not required... 1. camera 2...
  9. maverick786us

    Dell Streak or Milestone

    I wanna gift a high end handset to my dad next month on his Anniversary. So out of these 2 handsets which one is better? In terms of high end advanced features??
  10. slugger

    WTB: Ultra-low cost Handset [Indiatimes Naaptol]

    Update - 2010.06.23 Made a tentative list of possible chices of handsets ------------------------ Hi, I am looking to replace my 4 year old Motorola W180. As the model must've told you, I am on the lookout for an ultra-low cost cellphone that I pray would last no more than 2 years. But 2...
  11. V

    When buying TV tuner cards which are must have features and which card is best?

    Hi all.... I am new to TV tuner cards... Which TV tuner card has more features and what options do TV tuner cards have what are the must have features of them? Please mention model numbers, etc Thanks
  12. A

    Nokia N85

    Hi to all I have Nokia N85 Condition: It is as good as new no scratches can be found any where...it was laminated from the day 1 it was bought. Selling it as i bought N97 Features: Size Dimensions 103 x 50 x 16 mm, 76 cc Weight 128 g Display Type AMOLED, 16M colors Size 240 x 320...
  13. P

    plz Suggest me good dvd writer?

    which is best DVD writer available in market (Sony or lg) & tell me about new Sony 24x DVD writer & what is features &what is prize
  14. Techn0crat

    Is Empire magazine available in Mubai?

    I am eagerly waiting for Inception. Just read that Empire magazine's latest issue features Chris Nolan's interview. *www.empireonline.com/magazine/ anybody know where in Mumbai I can get it?
  15. V

    Suggest an SE phone

    Hi guys, Suggest me a good phone for budget of 6000-9000 rs which should have a good camera ,multimedia features and all other good and latest features.. PS-Is it worth buying a 3g phone?i heard some say that it may probably take 2 years to get 3g affordable in India and working.so should one go...
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