1. D

    Sony Xperia Tipo /Sony Xperia Tipo Dual ( New Mobile review/Discussion in one Place )

    Recently We all see once or twice of the tech specs of Newly Launched Sony Xperia tipo Lets have a discussion and review in this thread. Sony Xperia Tipo ST21iSony Xperia Tipo Features Sony Xperia Tipo price is meant to target first time smartphone customers who wish to get best value for...
  2. M

    AVG Unveils 2013 Range of Consumer Online Security Products

    The company has announced a new AVG Anti-Virus FREE version designed to be more powerful and improved compared to the previous version. The company has also redesigned the interface of all the products using the touch compatible technology. Improvements are also evident in the navigational...
  3. Charley

    Online Shopping Sites for Computer Accessories

    Can you list sites, so I can compare features, brands, prices, etc ?
  4. R

    2 Mobiles for around 10k

    Hi all I need 2 mobiles for around 10k INR total. I can add another 5k if the amount is not enough. 1st one is for my dad. I know I don't have to fill the "Questionnaire for Mobile phone purchase queries" as the only required feature except basic features is TORCH. The TORCH should work even...
  5. Tobuscus

    Best Practical Budget Phone around 4k?

    Hey,guys I need a practical,budget phone around 4k. I'm buying it for my mom,who doesn't care/need for ANY kind of big features like Wi-fi,Touchscreen etc. What she needs is a practical phone with PERFECT voice quality,battery life,build quality and maybe a run of the mill camera...
  6. R

    Help me to choose Android phone for Rs.12,000

    Hello my fellow experts, I need to buy an Android mobile this month only and so please tell me which one to opt for. My budget is Rs.12,000. I need an Android phone running at least Gingerbread version (2.3) and please exclude anything older than this. Well I am pointing out the features...
  7. digitaltab

    does modem's brand, quality & features effect internet speed?

    Hello, I recently got a bsnl internet connection installed at my home (512kbps unlimited plan). I bought the default modem from bsnl, and it is some adsl2+ cpe / router , brand name: citi, manufacturer: smile electronics ltd. bangalore. its a simple modem without wi-fi and only one pc can be...
  8. A

    Best Hi End 46-48' LED in India

    Hi All, What is the best HiEnd LED 46-48' LED TV which is available in india for price below 90k. 3D feature is not important as in india we dont have the 3D channels. It should have all new features, support of playing all formats of movies. Best sound quality. Thanks, Harsha
  9. ithehappy

    Razer Ouroboros. What's your view?

    Not a fan of Razer when it comes to mice but this upcoming one seems to be the perfect choice for me. I heartily love my G9 and was thinking of altering to a newer and better one, G9X was an idiotic upgrade, so this might be it. Killer looks, great features etc. Just need to see if it grips easy...
  10. A

    Please suggest an android phone under 10k with given pre-requisites

    Hi friends, Please help me. I need the best Android phone (preferably below 10k) of any brand with the given features: These features are must:- 1) At least 512 MB RAM 2) At least 800 MHz CPU 3) At least 3.2 inch screen. I would watch movies and tv shows on it. So good display. 4)...
  11. gdebojyoti

    How to create Virtual world?

    Currently there are a few virtual world websites, like SecondLife, EntropiaUniverse, IMVU, ActiveWorlds and Kaneva. GoJiyo is also such a site - an Indian venture. My question is - how are such websites created? Is there any tutorial? An overview regarding this will also help. And where...
  12. S

    Motorola Defy Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

    Hello friends, Planning to buy a mobile below INR 15000, Got confused between these two, Please suggest me which one is better if you are using any one of them. This is for India. I never used any moto phones so a little confused for defy plus but i like it's features. Any other phone will...
  13. Abhishekrocked

    FIFA 12 Ultimate team [PC]

    Does anyone plays here ? It's Features and Contents are Awesome... some features as live Auctions and Trading make the Feature interesting.... :)
  14. ajaybc

    For all Star Wars fans

    I dont know If you guys have seen this before, but type the following command into the command line / terminal and see what happens :). telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl BTW telnet is disabled by default in Windows 7. You can enable it by going to Control panel > programs and features > turn...
  15. thetechfreak

    Firefox for Android goes Native

    Firefox for Android goes Native
  16. warfreak

    The new Macbook PRO (Overpriced or justified?)

    Apple - MacBook Pro with Retina display - Technical Specifications I know Apple target the premium segment. But the new gen line-up costs more than double than what their previous had. A gist of new features: Ivy Bridge Processors Retina Display Completely SSD storage Graphics: Nvidia...
  17. comp@ddict

    Windows Phone 8 Unveiled: Hot New Features

    Shared Core, Dual Cores, HD screen among the works. Complete preview here: Windows Phone 8 Unveiled: Hot New Features | Gadgetronica Head over and give it a read. I think WP8 is promising! What about you?
  18. M

    Sony Xperia Neo L 3G Android ICS phone review

    Sony has come up with several Xperia phones at a jerk and Xperia Neo L is one of them. The new phone not only target common men, but also the business class consumers with advanced messaging, file management and data transfer features. Sony Xperia Neo L measures 121 x 61.1 x 12.2 mm and...
  19. A

    Phone within 5k?

    I have been looking for a good smartphone within 5k and got a look at Micromax AISHA. It is providing good features at that rate.. Would ask u all whether I would go for it or s there anything better.. No hifi requriments.. just want basic features
  20. sumonpathak

    [Preview and Unboxing]Presenting P8Z77 V deluxe

    Ladies and gentleman, Presenting Asus P8Z77 V DELUXE This is currently the TOP level mainstream board from Asus on Z77 lineup and as such it comes with everything you can imagine of in an mainstream consumer board.The Z77 chipset is basically a rewrite of of Z68 with features added to it.We...
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