1. Anorion

    Preview + Feedback [June 2010]

    Quick Content List Digit Magazine -- 9th Anniversary issue Fast Track to Ethical Hacking DIY Fast Track with 20 Do It Yourself projects Gifts worth Rs. 4 Crore We are continuing with the "Green Dream", with something Free enclosed in every issue CTC II Skoar! Mini - this is a special...
  2. K

    # ECS U3N2 USB 3.0 Card!

    Hi all, Gr8 news for 'tech lovers'! ECS U3N2 USB 3.0 Card-Now experience the new blazing fast USB 3.0 on your old computer,:lol: More details:
  3. Cool Buddy

    External HDD & Pen drive

    After having good & bad experiences with various companies as regards after sales service, I thought why not ask before buying. I'll be buying an external HDD (I'm thinking 320 or 500GB). I am not going for transcend in any case. So I thought about seagate. Anyone with comments on seagate's...
  4. S

    Fast Track Gaming Console Edition ??

    Hey fellas.. I was looking for the Fast track Gaming Console edition, the pdf version but i am little short on details.. I think it came with the Nov 09 edition of Digit, but i couldnt find its pdf file on the Dec 09 DVD.. infact none of the Fast track was on the dvd.. i could find Digit...
  5. Jaskanwar Singh

    suggest a phone, urgent

    hi all i want to buy a phone for 5k to 6k. it should have a good cam also. please suggest fast.
  6. Dangerous Dave

    Which is the best anti virus?

    I wanna download antivirus for my windows 7 please suggest me some antivirys so that i can install on my pc! ---------- Post added at 12:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 AM ---------- reply fast please!
  7. V

    Need Graphics card suggestion for this gaming rig...Help plz fast.... :)

    Hi all - My friend recently bought this config: Asus P7P55-D Core i5 i750 2.66GHz Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600MHz C9 Titanium Cooler Master Elite 310 Corsair VX450W Hard disk and rest all other accessories, he used from his old comp. Now he wants a graphics card within 15k and mostly opting for ATI...
  8. I

    Need Ra or Ram to Mp3 converter

    please suggest a converter free or paid but should be fast.
  9. krabhishek

    Fast Track to OpenSolaris Feedback Thread

    Hi, I am the person who wrote your Fast Track to OpenSolaris which is bundled with Digit's Feb 2010 issue. I thought it will be good idea to take up questions which readers may have and bring out the errata for misprints and other such errors in the book. So please go ahead and post your...
  10. arunks

    A new mobile phone in 15K

    Hi guys plz suggest me a mobile phone in 15 k.. currently i m using e51 and its a good phone with wifi. ...the only reason i have to change is that its volume is very slow during the conversation... anyways i need wifi, good screen size, gprs, fast to use, flexibility to install applications...
  11. static_x

    Transcend 64GB SSD

    Hi, I've recently installed Transcend's 64 GB Solid State Disk (2.5" IDE) to my desktop. Now I'm using it as the system drive on my desktop with only the OS on it (Win XP Pro SP3). The start up is real fast and it takes only 8-10 secs to boot up my PC. The installed programs are working real...
  12. IronCruz

    Need to know...

    Is it true that usenext and similar kind of sites gives download speed over 10mb/s? Can u tell me some good, fast torrent sites to download anything?Except,,,
  13. ax3

    Digit 2008 mags ! ! !

    in which dvd can i find "Digit 2008 mags & fast track" ???
  14. rajivnedungadi

    [October 2009 Issue] 4 DVDs with the Special issue @ Rs.200/-

    Yes, this diwali, Digit is gifting us with 4 DVDs that includes Free software worth Rs.10,000/-. The Fast Track is on Mobile. Please check the home page for the details. Regards Rajiv
  15. H

    Olympus FE-26 vs Panasonic FS3

    Which among these two is better?? pls give an answer fast...
  16. A

    Suggest a fast PDA phone arnd 25k

    hey all, i need to buy a good looking fast PDA phone arnd 25k, so what are my options. My basic requirements are wi-fi, good camera and fast and smooth performance as i need to multitask. So please suggest some good PDAs in my budget. Thanks in advance to all those who take out tym to reply...
  17. staticsid

    Digit’s Open Source Project

    In a first of its kind project, Digit plans to crowd-source its January Fast Track (FT) to our very vibrant and active community. The FT to Trouble Shooting Your PC, will be developed piece by piece, under the control of digit readers and forum community. The community has been very active...
  18. vista__n00b

    Which is the Cheapest 3G Mobile Phone?

    Hello all, I need to know which is the cheapest 3G cellphone on market. Camera, music and everything else is secondary...I just need something for fast internet access on the go. Kindly tell me which Cellphone will provide me with that. Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    HELP for CPu

    friends need help to make a value for money cpu... after searching and reading threads i only got confused.. my budget is rs ~25k i dont want much space, even 40gb would do..:-D but "fast working" whether its movie or games or copying files... plz suggest processor, motherboard...
  20. prateek007391

    Brower Mania

    I have tested many browsers but each of them is unique in themselves I own a cyber cafe, as I don't own very supercomputers tell me which one from the following should I use, they should be fast secure and easy to work around Tell me which browser u like the most
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