1. E

    RAPIDSHRE fastest downlaod server and upload servers

    I would like to know which server gives u the fastest downlaod on rapidshare in indian and which server gives the fastest uploads i get a max of 11 KB/sec on level 3 :( and downlading is fast mostly on the same server at above 100 KB/sec With my Bsnl broad band home plan 500 (upto 2mb speed)
  2. sam_1710

    µTorrent mUI

    µTorrent mUI is a mobile version of WebUI, that enables you control your torrents remotely from anywhere. It works on every mobile, including Opera Mini. Free, fast and very useful. Release Date: July 25, 2007 Source : Orig...
  3. ayush_chh

    windows doesn't start

    help me soon guys....... when i boot my pc i get a error HELP me FAST..........:(:(
  4. B

    OCZ or Corsair??

    Hi guyz, i want to buy a decent dual channel kit and i am really confused whether to get OCZ Reaper or Corsair Dominator. if nyone has used ny of these two,plz state the performance. and i hv some payment problems too while buying online.i dont wanna use ny there ny way of some...
  5. anandk

    Rediffs new site is fast !

    rediffs new website for sharing your videos, photos and music with friends is REAL fast. check it out :-)
  6. S

    Any free sms sites

    Hi friends any more free sms sites which go very fast with in secounds..........
  7. almighty

    Dual APN trick

    hi can anyone tell me what is Dual APN trick and how it work? I heard that it make gprs connection fast... if yes, plz share this trick thanking u:)
  8. anandk

    Fast Explorer for Vista.

    Fast Explorer is a freeware handy utility allows you to manage context menus items of file objects displayed in a file manager like Windows Explorer or any other application that deals with shell's application programming interface. It's a very simple way to make your often used file actions...
  9. GeekyBoy

    [Urgent] Suggest a good Monitor

    I want a good 17 inch monitor for my friend. His budget is Rs 6000. What is the best monitor can he get for that price ? Please reply fast, cause he wants me to tell him in a day's time.
  10. O

    how is this laptop?? hcl y2002....

    today there is an ad in the mumbai mirror, vijay sales is offering this laptop for 37990/-.... how is it ?? any one using it & how is hcl service??plz reply fast as the offeris only for one day.....
  11. satyamy

    How to Make WinXP Extremly Fast

    My frnd has config Intel P4 3.4Ghz + Intel 102 Board 1GB RAM 160GB HDD SATA LCD Monitor He is running WinXP but its PC Is running very very slow All file are taking very very long time to open he dont have any virus but still PC is slow So he is formatting his PC He use it in his office for...
  12. N

    fast desktop search tool

    will u guys suggest a desktop search tool which is fast and hogs little resources........i tried copernic but didnt like could u suggest some thing else...thx
  13. agnels

    Is reliable?

    I purchased a DVD Writer and deposited the money directly into their ICICI Bank account. Since then they are not replying to my mails. The first reply giving product information was very fast. Even after 5 days they have not acknowledge receipt of payment. What do i do?
  14. [A]bu

    Help Yahoooooooo!

    Which one is the best yahoo mail old yahoo mail beta According to fast and easy
  15. sourav

    Open DNS

    Anyone tried this. I went to They said that i will get fater net by using their following trick. Does tried that. I am using it now, i am able to say it is say (net is fast or slow)
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