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Suggest a fast PDA phone arnd 25k

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hey all,
i need to buy a good looking fast PDA phone arnd 25k, so what are my options. My basic requirements are wi-fi, good camera and fast and smooth performance as i need to multitask. So please suggest some good PDAs in my budget.

Thanks in advance to all those who take out tym to reply.

P.S.: Is Iphone 3GS available in grey market in india and is it advisable to buy one.


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with PDA what do you mean exactly....do you want a qwerty keypad with wm 6.1 in it..

do you want something like e71 or HTC Touch Pro


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well what i want is surely not something from nokia,(though n97 looks good, but out of budget :cry:), sorry for being vague... apart from that i dont have any reservations regarding the style of the phone or OS, but yes it should be fast and if it is WinMo then switching to the phone mode should be easy and fast... Hope am more clear now...
Thanks for replying...


Basically you'll have two option for smartphone . Nokia's symbian and windows . But I'm yet to see a windows mobile that is not slow .

If you still wanna buy win mo then i'd suggest you to wait till october for win mo 6.5 to be released
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