1. makwanamilan96

    Can i post screenshot from digit magazine to my blog ?

    Hey There ! I own 20+ issues of digit magazine (Hard copies). All the issues are very much informative with their guides and how-to-do tutorials. I have my community blog and as well as my personal blog. Some of the topics like science , career related topics and also some tech articles...
  2. G


    im buying one plus 3 .....any other better option than OP3.....or any upcoming phones in September......OR OP3 only best option........REPLY FAST !! TY
  3. A

    New stable Android Phone under 13 k

    Hi Guys , Here are my requirements : 1. Budget - Max 13 k 2. Display type and size - Preferably 5 inch 3. Dual sim - Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand - Good brands like Moto,Lenovo,etc... 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera) - Decent camera for lots of shooting. 6...
  4. bad_till_bones

    Best mobile phone car charger

    Hi, Looking for a fast n reliable mobile phone car charger. Mobile - Redmi note 3. Tried USB port charging via a USB cable, but it did not work. Have heard the cigarette port chargers are fast. Please recommend one. Budget - around Rs. 500. Thanks in advance.
  5. M

    Suggest the capabilities of this configuration...

    Here's our PC Configurations- Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz Dual Core Processor ASrock 775i65gv Motherboard 1 GB Strontium ddr1 400Mhz Intel 865GV Chipset We want to edit and render videos for our youtube channel Visit it here Mr AbAk - AbhayAkshay Maurya - YouTub we also want to know how to...
  6. V

    How to Enable UEFI Fast boot?

    HI I just upgraded to Win 10 From Win 7 Now I want to Enable Fast Boot So How can i do it ? I tried to set CSM To UEFI nothing happens it boot for legacy bios again :-? Do i Need To Format OS & Reinstall in GPT partition & Is secure Boot need for fast boot? My sys spec are AMD FX8350...
  7. Ronnie11

    Fast Charging Power Bank

    Hey guys, I own a MI 10400 mah which i had purchased from flipkart a year ago. Used it regularly and its been reliable,but what i sorely missed from this was fast charging. Its incredibly slow to charge your phone with this powerbank. My primary phone is a oneplus one. Its nowhere close to wall...
  8. adikumar2010

    Fast Performance Internal 1 TB HDD

    I was using 750GB WD Black Cavier in my desktop which stopped working. My desktop is 5 years old, so I don't want to buy very expensive new internal HDD/SSD coz in few months desktop components will start to die out like CPU, Motherboard, GPU, etc.. 1 by 1. And I don't have plan to rebuild it or...
  9. I

    Please recommend surge protector

    Hi all! I would like to buy a good surge protector which has atleast 5 sockets and can receive UK and India style plugs. My budget is 800 to 1000 rupees. I would like it to be very fast reacting so that it is actually effective in protecting my computer. Can you please recommend some as I...
  10. int86

    choose LCD TV for me micromax or philips

    Help me to choose amonge following TVs for me: Micromax one: Philips one: videocone ...
  11. A

    Help with File Copier Utility

    Using TeraCopy for 2 years, but not satisfied with it sometimes.. can anyone suggest me good/better/best alternative..? I found different softwares from wiki, google.. list below.. Please help me choosing better file copy utility TeraCopy MiniCopier FastCopy Ultracopier Copy...
  12. Alok

    Dongle slow speed in one while fast in other laptop

    About two weeks ago everything was fine. I have two laptops, and same 4g dongle giving 60Mbps in one laptop without any fluctuation while in second one its fluctuating a lot between 20 to 30 Mbps. Sometime ago it was fine but now its bad. Whats wrong I can't figure out. what I did so far...
  13. seamon

    Suggest a phone for around 10k(upto 15k I guess)

    It's for my mom this time. Already bought a Moto G for dad. Suggest fast budget is 10-15k. Everything is tentative.
  14. 007

    Giveaway - Insurgency

    Hello TDF Gamers - I have few copies of Insurgency left. Post here if you need one. Remember you need to redeem this today fast. :)
  15. V

    can i import a phone from usa? how much will it cost and what to buy?

    hi i am a cdma user in india of tata indicom,as india dont have many cdma phones so thought of importing one no my questions are 1. cdma frequency in india is 800,sprint and virgin provide same frequency and is it cdma? 2 my relative live there so thinking of first buying from to...
  16. A

    2 TB very fast Portable/External SSD/SSHD and very fast HDD

    I want to buy 2 TB very fast Portable/External SSD/SSHD and very fast HDD. Price is no concern for both of these SSD and HDD, but speed should very fast write and read speed. 2TB SSD/SSHD suggest fastest ssd 2TB HDD - USB 3.0 will be fast or something else? suggest fastest hdd. PS. - Price is...
  17. Soumik

    Need decent smartphone to work with Reliance

    Hi, So, i need a phone, which will work on Reliance network, will be able to work on wifi, and definitely android. Need it fast.. will be buying as soon as i decide on one. Probably this weekend. 1. Budget? <10K 2. Display type and size? touch ~4-5" 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar...
  18. anky

    MOTO G Review..!!

    hello friends..:) after waiting for about 2-3 months, finally ordered my moto g on the launch day..(was lucky enough to place my order at 12:06 am that day only) ordered 16 GB version along with Red back cover on 6th feb and got my mobile on 10th feb (sunday). Got all the offers of launch day...
  19. ravi_9793

    [For Sale] YagHost - 50% Lifetime Off - Pure SSD - Daily Backups - cPanel - Free Migration

    YagHost - Only Pure web hosting, No false promises, No false marketing. We are a fast growing web hosting provider with first class support and uptime. Our web hosting plans are designed for personal and small business clients who require performance, affordability and reliability. We've been...
  20. P

    Need help with youtube videos!!

    Whenever I try to play youtube videos on my computer, they are never smooth and always lag. The same videos play fine when I download and watch them. I also have a fast (very fast) internet connection. Could anyone suggest the solution to this?? My pc specs are - HP Pavillion tx1000...
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