1. T

    Please Please Help.How should i get bsnl broadband "line" in my area?

    Hello,all.I am sick with MTS.It gets so slow After fup.I went to bsnl office and they said that in your area broadband line is not available or something like that so we can't avail you broadband service.What should i do?How can i get bsnl broadband line in my area? Please tell me fast.
  2. S

    Need a good printer urgent fast

    I need a good printer. I have HP printer but it totally sucks. It used to print pages only when it felt like doing it. Ink catridges always got over too fast without printing. And now paper gets jammed. So i need a new printer. My print work is very less hardly 10 pages per month. I need a...
  3. sanny16

    looking for a tablet under 15k

    I am looking for an andriod tablet under 15k. It should have camera both sides, 3g. I shortlist asus fonepad as one of the tablets. Can you suggest me few other tabs? Asus fonepad cost around 13.5k and rest i can spend on screen guard and cover bringing my total around 14.8k. I am not...
  4. Jim Kirk

    Suggest me a good datacard ?

    Hello, I want to buy a new datacard for fast internet. i am going through various cards but don't have much idea about them. My internet usage is around 5 gb per month. M not going into intense downloading, just fast surfing and little downloads. Some youtube, little bit of torrents. I m...
  5. G

    Best Torrent Client

    I've used Ares Galaxy for some months now. (The only one I ever used). It was simple & constantly fast (as fast as my ISP speed) but Its stopped working sometime back & I don't have a clue. I tried uTorrent but its super slow. Too much fluctuations in DL speed. What do you recommend ?
  6. G

    How to Migrate to a SSD Without Re-installing Windows??

    Hello guys I installed new Kingston SSDNow V100 128 GB SSD Internal Hard Drive to my existing PC setup, its working and really fast.. now I have a doubt, Is it possible to migrate the windows installation files without re-installing windows.??
  7. emailvarunchandak

    Best and Cheapest VPS Hosting

    Hey guys... i want to buy a cheap VPS hosting with custom OS which must be decent in performance and fast in response. Please tell me some of the dealers in India and/or Abroad...!!
  8. hari1

    Should I get i5 or i3 for laptop?

    I am going to buy a laptop for mainly programming, web surfing, movies, some Photoshop editing and light gaming. I will be doing a lot of multitasking on the laptop. How much fast performance can I expect with i5 over i3? Or it will be mostly similar? Any percentages will be good for...
  9. S

    best torrent site

    which is the best free torrent site with best seeders and leeches so that i can hav fast download?
  10. amjath

    Upcoming Movie Trailer Thread

    Hi guys, Thought there should be a Movie trailer thread for upcoming movies. Post the extended look or teaser trailer etc here. Iron Man 3 Extended trailer I know already posted Fast and Furious 6 Extended Trailer...
  11. CommanderShawnzer

    Diablo 3 Starter edition worth downloading?

    just the question asked in the title bcoz i have more important games downloading and do you reach level 13 fast?
  12. jkultimate

    Want to buy a new keyboard. Please suggest..

    Hellow, guys am planing to buy a new keyboard. Currently am using the logitech k100. Its kinda of average keyboard... I like to type fast.... I want a keyboard that is laptop like.... which is faster to type... Please suggest me some good keyboards... for fast typing. I came across Dell 104...
  13. S

    Suggest Dell xps 15 L502x Battery

    My laptop(L502x)Battery is dead.I need a new one,is 9 cell battery worth buying?How much will it cost me(local or online both)?Or should i get 6 cell battery?Please suggest me battery fast because i have to keep the laptop plugged in with charger all the time..and it's really annoying:-(
  14. A

    The entry-level DSLR battle

    Hi Guyz, This is mainly for a friend but I am interested myself as well. His main requirements are - Fast accurate autofocus in various lighting conditions Good low-light/High ISO performance Fast operation - shot-to-shot times should be as low as possible Good auto mode - JPEGs out of the...
  15. A

    Need Fas, good optical zoom, Powerful Camera under 20K.

    I want to buy a digital the range of 20k..with good optical zoom, fast startup..good effects, fast autofocus. Please suggest a compact digital camera.. I am considering Sony cybershot DSC-HX20V , Sony cybershot DSC-HX10V, Canon PowerShot SX240 HS or SX260 HS. (Is it worth it) ...
  16. aloodum

    [Want to Buy] Looking for dual core combos!!!

    Hi folks! Need any dual core cpu + a matching mobo. Ram may or may not be included. Just that it should be in working condition. Would prefer the older stuff ( Amd X2 series 4000+, 4400+/ Pentium Dual core E2XXX series/Ancient core 2 Duos :P etc) in order to keep cost down. Looking to wrap up...
  17. X

    Help buying an external 1 tb hard drive!

    Hey folks! I just got a 120 gb sata 3 ssd ( Corsair Force 3 GT), and have been enjoying the boot times and the epic responsiveness of my system. The only problem is the size :C I really need an external 1 tb drive now, fast enough to play games/movies from it directly and shouldn't be...
  18. Gauravs90

    Need a fast pen drive in 512kb range.

    Hi guys, I need a fast 8GB pen drive which has good write speed in 4KB - 512K range.
  19. siddharthx64

    A powerful camera within 16k

    Hello guys, Admins, I know there is a similar thread out there, but the guy who posted it has priorities dissimilar to mine. Hence this post: I am looking to Buy a digital camera, from only one of these 3: Nikon, Canon, Sony The max price I can afford is 15999/- My priorities are...
  20. I

    Greetings to all

    Hi I am Neesha Dubai associated with Infibeam. I am glad to be here to know and share business networking ideas, and hope to grow fast with all your support.
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