1. tkin

    Suggest Me Some Fast Paced Thrillers

    So, just as the title says, suggest me some fast paced thrillers. For reference, Mathew Reilley's Scarecrow series, Lee Child's John Reacher series. PS: I'm talking about books, fyi.
  2. rajivnedungadi

    Digit March 2012 Special Issue @ Rs.200/-

    Yes, the digit march 2012 edition is going to be a "holi" special at Rs.200/- 2 DVDs 2 Fast Tracks 1 Mini book Your thoughts....
  3. Krow

    LibreOffice - A step in the right direction

    I recently switched from the slow to start, heavy and annoying (ad) on MS Word Starter 2010 to 3.2. Apart from finding it dull to look at and at time frustratingly slow, I was okay with the software because it did not have the advertisement at least. Soon, I grew tired of it...
  4. shivkumar

    P&S Camera in 15k range

    I earlier had Sony DSC W35 as my first camera which went bad after a nasty fall on concrete floor. So I plan to change my camera. The budget for new camera is 15K INR can exceed couple of thousands if I get a real good improvement in image quality and performance but not for unnecessary...
  5. D

    Motorola: Very slow charger

    Stock charger supplied with my Motorola Fire Xt is a 5V 550mAh micro USB charges. It is very slow and takes almost 3.5 hours to charge phone. 1. Is this a normal duration. I guess so with ratings. 2. Do we have a fast charger option from motorola or third Party - does such fast charger...
  6. S


    Hi i was planning on subscribing to digit. I Noticed that it says there is an assured gift which is a DVD and "Fast tracks". Just wanted to find out what exactly this "Fast Tracks" is. Someone please enlighten me.
  7. stonecaper

    Suggest a 3g modem and Some Steal deals from ebay using the 250 off coupon FAST

    Want to purchase a 3g Modem and some other items (Dont Have any Idea,just have coupons :)) Suggest the best deals please and plz Make it fast...Coupon is Valid Only till tomorrow TIA
  8. R

    Hosting Servers!!

    Thinkdigit has a lot of members online, now and then, the pages load fast, Wonder where thinkdigit is hosted? Anyone can tell? :wink:
  9. R

    Seagate 2TB External HDD

    Hi Friends... I have heard that price of HDD had increased in past days. I want to buy a 1TB External HDD under 3.5k or 2TB under 5k, if possible. I prefer Seagate or WD. Should I wail some time for Prices to come down?? which feature is more fast and efficent and what they actually mean...
  10. esumitkumar

    best pdf reader for Nokia 5233 ?

    Hi All I have Nokia 5233.. Tried to install many pdf readers but they werent gud..Could you please suggest some fast pdf reader for reading pdf files on 5233 ? Thanks Sumit
  11. utkarsh009

    dell xcd35 or motorola fire xt311

    which one of them is better? or is there any alternative in the price bracket of rs. 8500 (max). please help fast.
  12. B

    Laptop Battery Problem

    Hello All My Acer Aspire 5745G has been bugging me for 2-3 days actually i went out of station for a week and when i came back my battery has been discharging very fast. When i open the lappy in 12hrs the battery is ok but when i open the lappy almost 24 hrs the battery drops to nil and i...
  13. M

    An ultra fast system.need advice

    hello, guys i have recently bought a amd Athlon x4 645 with a Gigabyte 880g-usb3 mobo. Also with it is 4 gb of corsair memory clocked at 1333MHz. Now i want ultra fast boot times and for that purchased a 40gb intel ssd . And i have another 250 gb of sata hard disk. Now what is the best...
  14. A

    Fire xt vs wildfire s vs defy vs sony st315 vs spice mi410

    hey folks!!!!! which one of this would u suggest!!!all of this are at great price and i am quite,wf,sony are all new and defy is quite old now... which one of this should i pick.reply fast...i wanna buy it today itself thanks :-?
  15. S

    Photographic/Professional camera near 10k

    I think I can't have a dSLR camera between this range, can I? I will be using this in outdoor shooting. Here are some points that might help you helping me : 1. I will be using that for stock photography or will take help in my photoshopping. 2. There is very less chance that I would be using...
  16. echoplxx

    Preview + Feedback [October 2011]

    This month is packed with all the goodies, featuring a special issue of Digit + SKOAR + 2 Fast Tracks + 3 DVDs Enjoy! This Diwali explore thousands of deals we've hand-picked for you. Don't just run after discounts this festive season, shop smart, get online, save money and get some wacky...
  17. sumit05

    Windows 8 to feature 'fast startup mode'

    Microsoft demos fast boot times in Windows 8 - YouTube
  18. S

    Best External/USB Harddisk in 2000-3000 Rs.

    Dear All, Very soon I want to buy an external Hard disk of data backup. Size does not matter (Big is better). It should have good build quality, Fast Speed etc. Pls give some suggestion. My price range will vary from 2000 -3000 Rupees. Thanks
  19. A

    help with study

    need to study up on networking, could you guys suggest some links to read and also please tell me when was fast track to networking given as book and on dvd. thanx in advance aby
  20. P

    Who is using my wifi connection?

    hi guys, i have a mtnl wifi connection and recently it has been very slow (and most of you would have noticed that according to my isp, my passcode for wep settings would be lame!!) .... i noticed that some people have shifted in next to me, and due to my isp's "ADVICE" i should not change the...
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