1. A

    Fast track in pdf format?

    Hey guys I want all the fast tracks in pdf version so that I can get rid of the hard copies due to space constraint. So if anyone can provide me with these I would be very thankful. Thanks in advance.
  2. TechPlex

    Need Broadband advice

    Hi to all my forum mates! I am currently using Tikona Wi-bro service here in Pune. And I know that everybody who has used it shall want to abuse it extensively. And I am in the same situation now. I have used this service for only three months. But it feels like kicking it off!:-x So now I...
  3. toofan

    W.T.B External Hard Drive.

    Friends, I need an external hard drive. In a capacity of of 1 TB. Not costly and also should be fast if not ultra fast. My budget is around 3k to 4k. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks.
  4. D

    need a digi cam : URGENT

    I need one of the best digi cam ranging around Rs.14 k please reply me as fast as u can...
  5. utkarsh009

    please help fast!!!

    hey guys please tell me fast. I am going to buy a monitor. dell p2211h is available here but st2220l is not available. so quickly compare them. which is better? also suggest other monitors in that range. also corsair Paul is not available here so suggest a good 400-500W psu. thanks in advance
  6. J

    Graphics card 15-17k

    Need a graphics card for video footage editing and 3d rendering. Budget is 15-17k. fire away suggestions fellas. need it fast.
  7. R

    Cheap SSD for System Drive of a Sandy bridge Rig

    I am thinking to get a cheap SSD for my new rig(2500k+Gigabyte p67a-ud3r+4GB G-skill DDR3+HD6950).I will just keep the Wndows 7 64bit OS with all the necessary drivers and Other Core apps in that. That will help the PC to boot up really fast & the apps will response fast too. Games & Audio/video...
  8. Empirial

    Wireless Modem Router Within 6k

    Hi, Can someone please suggest me a fast & reliable modem router (Draft N) for home use? Thankyou
  9. C

    ccs compiler - pic wizard greyed out

    hi, i just began making the line follower by the guidelines given in digit's fast track and dvd. i bought the pickit2 programmer. it came with the MPLAB software and pickit2 software. i installed both first and then installed the CCS C compiler as suggested in the fast track. but when...
  10. F

    How do I upgrade my laptop to increase the internet speed?

    My Toshiba laptop has a configuration of Pentium dual core , 2GB ram, 160 GB. I am using a reliance wireless broadband connection and the speed is very very very slow! . When checking out the wireless device on other laptops the speed is considerably fast. I am not expertise in this field so...
  11. S

    People this is urgent

    Lg optimus @ 12K specs:- android 2.2 Reply fast.
  12. ico fast is Arch Linux?

    yC5eBdwi4Vs nkvd1Vbm2Jg Blazing fast, isn't it? I'm using Arch Linux with kernel 2.6.37-6 and KDE SC 4.6. Laptop specs Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66 Ghz Intel GMA 950 120GB 5400RPM Hard Disk 1GB DDR2 RAM [/spoiler]
  13. himangshu

    best mouse within 1-1.9k!

    please suggest the best mouse within 1-1.9k. I need a fast mouse with customizable buttons.:-|
  14. icekid

    Problem at Boot time

    I had windows Xp installed earlier later I uninstalled XP and I installed Win 7 but during booting it's showing 2 options "Older version of Windows" and "Windows 7" I don't mind this but it would be fast if it loads to win 7 directly instead of this annoying option. Can someone help me. I am...
  15. A

    Urgent..Need To Buy Today!!

    I started a thread regarding purchase of a new budget was 20k but i dnt knw wat hppnd to my dad and he is ready to spend 40k-42k at the moment but i have to buy it today as he will be busy after today(aur pata nahi aisa mauka fir kaha milega :)...he just wants to make sure that...
  16. fatalcore

    Instant upgrade.Today itself.Right now.

    An entire PC crashed in the afternoon . So need a instant upgrade today itself. Standing at shop , posting through mobile. Please help me fast. AMD Config. Procy+Mobo+Ram=10,000 Plz suggest. Dont wait for my reply , keep suggesting as fast as possible.
  17. happy17292

    Zebronics Zeb-500RW 1 day used [bouth 15days ago] @ 1k/- inc Shipping bought 15days ago. For Rs1650/- used 1 day. selling @ Rs1k inc. shipping complete bill, Wheel [gear knob attached], pedals, box, driver CD etc. PC,PS2 compatible...
  18. O

    On which Digit DVD do I find Fast Track PDF?

    On which Digit DVD do I find the Fast Track PDF? What is the exact location of the PDF? Also does the December Digit edition contain all Fast Track PDF's? Thanks in Advance. :razz:
  19. G

    PLS suggest a configurartion..fAST..

    Please suggest a good and basic gaming configuration that is available in eranakulam,kerala fast.................................and Under rs.30,000
  20. H

    graphic card

    I have D102GGC2 intel motherboard.i am planning to instal 1gb GF9800Gt.Will my mother board support. which advanced 1GB graphics card would u recommend ---------- Post added at 12:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 PM ---------- plz reply fast
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