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  1. ratul

    Budget Thermal Compound, Suggestions?

    My laptop is idling around 60c these days, so i think it's time to change the thermal compound after 1.5years or so, have my eyes on deepcool z5, but any other suggestions in the same price range under ₹500 would be appreciated.
  2. TechnoBOY

    Computer Eye Strain: 10 Steps for Relief

    1. Get a comprehensive eye exam. Having a routine comprehensive eye exam is the most important thing you can do to prevent or treat computer vision problems. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), computer users should have an eye exam before they start...
  3. Vyom

    Weird Thoughts Thread

    So lately I have been feeling little philosophical. Started having some strange or weird thoughts about life and all. I started documenting them until I have a few to share. I will start with couple of them and my elaborate thoughts about it. I am wondering whether you guys have some such...
  4. ravi847

    Need to buy a tablet for reading lots of pdf and little multimedia for 10-15k

    My friend currently has a Samsung i5 laptop with matte screen and he finds it kind of hard on his eyes to read text for long hours. He is thinking of buying a tab which has a good display so that he can read stuff without much strain on his eyes and also for some web browsing and watching...
  5. N

    Laptop with Display Soothing to Eyes

    Is there any laptop with display soothing to the eyes? I have tube light facing backside of my laptop display Does Z510 (Anti glare) laptop helps in this scenario? What about HP laptops? I am currently using dell 1545 and I don't know whether the display of new dell laptop will be same or...
  6. F

    BlackBerry Q10

    I am quite confused about which cell to buy. I have my eyes on blackberry q10. Should I buy blackberry q10?
  7. theserpent

    LG Announces Optimus G Pro Eye Recognition Feature Hours Before S4 Launc

    iGyaan.in | Well Well! LG Announces Optimus G Pro Eye Recognition Feature Hours Before S4 Launch - iGyaan.in LG>Samsung IMO If you ask me why 1)Their phones are VFM 2)Better products and pricing But how to make most of the Indians understand that LG,Sony make better android phones?
  8. sam_738844

    FAQ and Help for Freshers In IT/Govt jobs

    8-) IT is fun...its shortcut, its money, its Black Tshirt and Denim Jeans.. FastTrack on Fridays, Cool Laptops...Beautiful Ladies...spicy street food...pizza/beer, hell lot friends and Moulin Rouge on any occassion. Also... :twisted: IT has recession, IT has 24X7 continuos stretch, IT has...
  9. trublu

    Must Watch Movies in High-Definition

    Hey everyone, I think it will be great to put together /recommend a list of the movies that are worth watching in no less than high-definition/Blu-Ray. There are a number of movies which may not be great plot-wise, but are a treat for the eyes. So, here I start : 1. 300 :-D 2. Up ...
  10. A

    Samsung S20A300N hurts eyes help

    i bought new samsung SyncMaster S20A300N /S20A350N led 20 inch, its such a great display but after about half hour of usage, it starts irritating the eyes, i've searched the internet on this but no good. Brightness, contrast, color controls do not help, i've tried i tried calibration helped...
  11. mitraark

    Heatsink for i5 , 40-60% Load 24x7

    I have a PC which runs Strong DC++ all the time , i never shut down unless there's a Power Cut , and now i will be running Streaming software for the next month , which means my PC will be under quite heavy load for hours. I currently have the stock cooler that came with the i5 760 , Idle...
  12. 6Diablo9

    My eyes hurt after long hours of gaming.

    I'm a graphic designer by proffesion which mean I am on computer for 8 hours at job. After I come home I play video games on computer for 4 hours. The whole thing is very stressful on my eyes. This is one problem even some of you guys might be facing. So what do you suggest me to do to relax my...
  13. shaunak

    A few question about IPS monitors

    I spend a lot of time on my computer and my eyes frequently go dry after a while. A friend told me that IPS monitors need less bright back-lights, hence are a lot easier on the eyes. Plus they have better color reproduction. I am currently using a Samsung 19" TFT [Syncmaster 931]. I am...
  14. A

    goodbye mail

    OK... so am changing my company(job) and i need a good bye bye letter for my co workers.. need suggestions pls.. i found this on the net.. how do you think it is ? ---- Greetings, fellow and soon-to-be former co-workers. Today I have crafted this fine nugget of prose to bid a fond farewell as...
  15. M

    CRT Monitor issue..help needed plz!!

    Hi...i have LG17'' Flatron E700SH which is five year old..2 days back when i was browsing net suddenly the screen went yellowish tint which is very iritating to eyes...Why is it so??is it nearing its end??plz reply...thanks in advance....
  16. @

    Need a Laptop at 75k

    Hi all ! I need to buy a laptop & purposes are (in decreasing order) - programming (so i need a good battery backup) - vmware (so better processor) - better gpu (i don't want a good or great gpu, better one is enough. i am a medium gamer) in short, i need both good cpu & gpu. my budget is...
  17. R

    Adjusting LCD brightness & Contrast for best viewing.

    Could you tell me what should be the brightness-contrast ratio of the LCD monitor for different tasks like text reading, internet, movies so that it's doesn't hurt eyes? Though my LCD [Samsung 2033SW] has magic bright for adjusting them but that combination is not comfortable for eyes...
  18. eggman

    I have 20-25 spare days!!! What to do??

    Hello... Recently I've had my eyes operated and My sem holidays are on!! So I have now 20 days with absolutely no work!!!I am sick and tired of watching Movies and TV serials!! I am sick of sitting in front Laptop too!! Because of the operation,I do have some restrictions like lifting...
  19. Faun

    War games

    "I am trying to show the world what Somalia is," says Somali photographer Abubakar Albadri. "When you are a photographer in the field you cannot close your eyes and say I cannot take these and leave. You cannot cry. You must take what is there. ......................................... Link...
  20. Arun the Gr8

    Smiling Moon :-)

    Here's an upload of the photograph taken by me of the smiling moon, with Jupiter and venus as its eyes. Scientists say it won't happen again till 2012.
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